How To Make A Fire Brick Rocket Stove

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How To Make A Fire Brick Rocket Stove 5

In my quest to make the perfect DIY Rocket Stove, I make one with 17 fire bricks, high-heat stove mortar and some recycled grill parts. It works great! Perhaps better than any rocket stove I've made least of the large variety. And it was easy to make. But, I also believe there is no perfect rocket stove...only what works best for you. Make one for your backyard!

My flat-pack stainless steel camping rocket stove:

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I was thinking this might be the way to make a pizza oven -- build one of these easy peasy fire brick rocket stove, abscond/rescue an old Weber kettle BBQ from craigslist, remove legs and cut hole in the bottom to set on top of rocket stove, cut opening on kettle lid for pizza entry way, and add a pizza stone to set it on!

Author — R A


This is fantastic, really educational and well produced - keep em coming!

Author — Northern Morgan


That rocket stove went together in a hurry Tom! Looks like it burns really well too. I'm guessing the fire brick will outlast just about any other type of surround.

Author — Greg's Garage


I created a YouTube list for rocket stove videos, and saved vids that looked good.  Did not try any of them yet.  Then I found yours and just deleted the others.  Soon will build.  Many thanks.

Author — peziki


Good video. One suggestion, to blow air, here in Bolivia, we used a pvc or metal tube to blow, it is more comfortable without feeling rocket stove heat.

Author — Fernando Lucio Ocampo Sandy


This is definitely the best Rocket Stove yet! Thank you for all the experiments you do! 👍

Author — MAE HAY


Fuel, Oxygen & Heat... hot stuff!

Author — Jelly Bean


This one I can build without a lot of tools, thank you so much!

Author — Gavino Berino


That stove works great, I made one of the 5 gallon tub versions with perlite and vermiculite, I sit out at night with a brew feeding the fire. I might make one of these too. Thanks from the UK.

Author — pwbpeter


This is definitely a project i wanna make during lockdown periods! Thanks for the video!

Author — RJ Loygie


I'd like to see one made of AirCrete, from what I've learned so far, it's easy, cheap, and very insulative. Another benefit is you can mould it. You can even make panels out of it. Cast in a box, etc.... Light weight, even floats on water.
Crazy stuff.
Portland cement and shampoo.

Author — Nefaryus Drake


Podrias ponerle traduccion en español por favor? Muy interesante el video.

Author — Kamila Kambi


Really loving your rocket stove videos. I'm starting up a homestead and will have a few uses for wood burning stoves. Heating a yurt is one of them - any thoughts on adapting one of your designs to heat an interior?

Author — Green Heart Family Farm


Helluva stove and a good video. Found fuel is great, plenty in my area. However I'm not agreeing that it is "green" to burn wood and release that much carbon dioxide into the air. In a pinch or an emergency, of course! But just for fun, no not as good for the planet. Good idea, the ashtray, and the weather cover.

Author — Thomas Ervin


Hi. Love watching. Addicted.
Dont know much about building fires etc. Cant wait till I have day off to build one. Not sure why tube in there? Is it to feed fire? How far down is top of tube inside fire? 🤔 learner, need educating, lol

Author — Sue miller


This man is trying to make as many videos as he can.... just about stove...
none is final

Author — noh wan


You did a great job on this stove, and a good video. Thank you.

Author — Jerry Matthews


Love it! Will this rocket stove heat the surrounding area as well, or will the heat be mostly contained within the stove? I'm seeking a design that will safely cook and also safely heat a space. Thanks for sharing. You are a great resource!

Author — Rainbow Gal


Thank you. What a beautiful, simple, well presented, working well stove. well done!!! What do you think of using cob and slip instead of paste and mortar? Thank you

Author — Arnon Raab


is the build sturdy enough to tip either forward or backward onto a 2 wheeler to move to a different location if I so desire?

Author — DBLTALK73