Anti-Muslim Mask Policies & Zoom Jury Duty | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Anti-Muslim Mask Policies & Zoom Jury Duty | The Daily Social Distancing Show 5

France ramps up protective mask enforcement but retains its ban on Muslim face coverings, a Texas jury convenes over Zoom, and doctors identify new coronavirus symptoms. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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💬 Comments on the video

Thank you so much Trevor for highlighting France's racism and double standards against Muslims. You are truly an unbiased bastion of pluralism and multiculturalism 👏❤️ Much love and prayers

Author — Fasi Hussaini


French politicians can cover their faces with masks, but nothing on earth can cover their hypocrisy.

Author — My Note


The Frensh murdered at least 10 million Africans and they still give moral lectures to the planet.

Author — Mustafa Hajij


The only man you talks about how Muslims are treated 💜

Author — Zainab Shahzadi


Theres why Trump refuses to wear a mask. Too Muslim.

Author — omegapointil


He says the word 'Muslim' with such perfection.

Author — Covers by Armzee


France has a long history of anti Muslim policies

Author — Soukaina Ait


I’m Muslim and thank you so much for speaking about this. May god bless you 🤲🏾❤️

Author — It’s Somali Not Somalian


I smiled when he pronounced "muslim" correctly

Author — Zoulikha Mes


Ironically France has one of the most revert to Islam... Islam in France is growing rapidly alhmdillah !!

Author — Ali Omar


now in the world, Black and Muslims face a lot of injustice than others.

Author — Sohel Rana


France want to show off how they still racist even though whole world in crisis. Can you pay attention to how to defeat covid-19 instead of Muslim women what they wearing.

Author — Prince Rocky


Islam is here to stay, whether white or black mask. It's still a mask

Author — Haliwa Milky


The hypocrisy of France is absurd. People using shady arguments to justify their bigotry make it even worse. 🤦‍♂️

Author — Planck M.


France's bigotry is vile, they are using bogus arguments to justify their blatant discrimination against muslims.

Author — René D.


We Norwegians call France the trash or Bin of Europe.

Author — Sanji Zoro


Thank you for highlighting how anti Muslim France are.

Author — • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao


Honestly the burqa or scarf only piece of clothes. People are so scared but the person who wore that's most of em not even killed ants! I wish i could be as nice and devoted as them to wear burqa (like a nun) but i feel I'm not qualified to do so 😌. Because the person who wore burqa usually very nice.. polite. Meanwhile i talk with food in my mouth 🤣😌

Author — Pretty please


My goodness. France was so unprofessional. You got that right Trevor. Their adversion was terrifying.

Author — Mizuko2501


"This is the most ridiculous thing the French have ever done". Clearly, Trevor Noah has never lived in France.

Author — Agnes Kim