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**Open Me🐘**
In my build around the world series we're going to be exploring different house styles and architecture from different countries! Today's build is in Norway inspired by traditional sod roofed cabins and homes in Norway's rural areas.






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More Culture - Johan Hynynen
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the shelves and pillars as a ladder! The sod roof! <3 <3 <3

Author — Nyxy Pyx


Can you do Greek or rome? I've always wanted to visit those places, even if I learned them only as empires. Id love to see a build of them.

Author — billu_frogr


Another adorable build. I'd love to spend time in different countries, learning about their history and seeing how differently they live. I love how you use music from the countries in your videos (I'm guessing that's what you've done).

Author — Karena Lea


This looks really amazing! <3 I kind of smiled when I saw the cabinet/closet as a nod to "rosemaling" (rosepainting), since its such a statement in most of the norwegian culture. There´s even embroidery on our "Bunad´s" (folkdresses?) that looks like it.

Author — MerMer


This house is so beautiful & the roof is perfect! I love this series & I appreciate the info you give in every video. Thank you :)

Author — Stelllth 357


I really appreciate that you put so much research into your videos!! you did a great job pronouncing 'rosemaling' and 'haakon' <3 love the build! keep up the good work! much love from Norway

Author — Ahne Hagen


I'm really excited about this series! I love learning about new cultures, and seeing the different architectural styles from around the world is just fascinating! :D

In terms of suggestions or something I'd like to see in the series, I would LOVE to see your take on a traditional English Country House, or English Manor House. I was born in England, and have always considered it my home, regardless of where I live, and I would love to see it represented in your BATW! The homes themselves are almost castle-esque in nature, and are often surrounded by well manicured grounds. I grew up specifically in Northern Yorkshire, so a shepherd's cottage would also be lovely to see :) Another build I'd be keen on seeing is your take on an Italian or Greek villa!

Super stoked to see what you come up with next! <3

Author — antiqueaccident


All my life its been a dream to live in a grass roof house like this! Thank you from this happy Swede :)

Author — Bauhauskiddo


You did a fantastic job 😍😘💖The house my family I lived in when we were on holiday in Norway looked pretty much the same from the inside 😃

Author — Stephanie Julia


Of all youtubers, you're one of my favs, I love the work you put into your videos and all of the history! Keep up the good work! I litterally spent hours watching your decade builds yesterday haha. I'm only beginning with my videos but you're deffinately an inspiration 100%.

Author — Blondette


Yay! I didn't expect to hear my name towards the end. I'm so impressed you did all that research I learned so much about Norway watching this. Wonderful work! ;D

Author — XFreezerBunnyX


YEYY I am from norway! And this is so accurate :D Good job, i love this <3

Author — Julipzsimming


So informative and it looks great. I am Norwegian and i learned something new today!👍

Author — Skrivelisa


You're so creative! I look at half these items in the menu and never know what to do with them and then suddenly you're using them effortlessly. Really good build and I love the backstory you created for the owners.

Author — June Gibbons


Nice little build there, IrrelephantSims! :o) I love this series!

Author — Frimlin


Cuba please!! Awesome series. I'm also in love with learning about other cultures and really look forward to these builds. 😘😍

Author — Jasmin L


Oh gurl, you know your stuff. That’s as Norwegian as it gets. Loved the build!

Author — Krister Pedersen


I realy realy love this house! <3 is beautiful!

Author — HaraAnk


Beautiful and accurate build :D
Hope to see Poland in future

Author — Kamil Szura


Oh my gosh!! I love the black paint with the red windows!! this is awesome

Author — m zehroni