Lulu - I Can't Hear You No More.

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Lulu Performing "I Can't Hear You No More" on UK TV.

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A great, great song with Lulu's raspy voice well suited. I presume this was all mimed, but really good to see her.

Author — NIGEL H


I think this performance of "I Can't Hear You No More" is Lulu's best performance ever.

Author — Louis Wendruck


To me, Lulu was one of the best singers from the UK ever. Just as good as Dusty and far better than Cilla Black & Co.
Unfortunately, she recorded some 'iffy' material at times, but this one is great. I also have it by Betty Everett and it's hard to say which version I prefer.
Thanks for putting this up.

Author — MrDagwoodBumstead


Thank you for putting this up, Lulu was one of my fav. back in the 60s... i think she was one of the best the UK. had back then, To Sir with Love... was a very good song also... she was such a sweethart... again many thanks, ( TheJellybaby1988 ) God bless.

Author — giorgio adams


Just real talent . No flash no trash. So many of todays artist rely on the lights, clothes and bling. LuLu sang about love and relationships. Not once did she use profanity or vulgar moves. Her voice got her noticed, not so background show.

Author — Robert Thomas


Great this should of been a hit ive only just got it in 2010 (a bit late)

Author — drpesky


Here in the UK we definitely had our share of great female solo singers in the 50s/60s/70s. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD was head and shoulders above all of them on the totem pole of popularity, though LULU comes a close second for me. Lulu is still going strong - looks absolutely fabulous for her age (just google Lulu images today!) and has a very successful range of makeup/clleansing/toning products called 'Time. Bomb'. Still singing and recording, too!

Author — Steve Weaver


Great, if lesser-known, Goffin King song.

Author — kevin white


There was such energy, such exuberance, I sometimes wonder what the young people of today think upon be confronted by this extraordinary vivacity. Are they even able to handle it, able to understand the prevailing mode of the times ? Perhaps. Perhaps not. There is more here, far more than would appear at first glance. It was the liberation and the empowerment of an entire generation, freeing themselves from the moribund Victorianism, Authoritarianism, and conformity that still exists today in various forms, in some religions, in politics, in school administrators and teachers. Perhaps it will always be that way. Perhaps not.

Author — Jimserac


This was actually from a fairly short-lived TV series (BBC, I think) called 'Beat Room'.

Author — vivavinyl


I think this is from Ready Steady Go. I saw the re-runs in the 80s and rushed to the oldies shop to get a copy of this. It's more proof the record co made a big mistake moving her to the middle of the road. She's up there with Dusty.

Author — glammer


What was she thinking, wearing that scarf? Is she on a TV show, or is she about to clean house?

Author — shmuli9


The scarf does look good on her; not to mention, it makes her visually distinct from the crowd :)

Author — arjun mukerji


Think I'll stick with Betty Everett's version easily the best, then Dusty's

Author — garyholyhead


@shmuli9 hahaha maybe she didnt have time to wash her hair!! not a good look is it?