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SCP-682 (Hard to Destroy Reptile) author: Dr Gears and Epic Phail Spy

SCP-343 (God) author: n/a
SCP-343 (God) author's page: n/a

0:01 Intro
0:54 Shame - 682 vs 001
6:04 Torment - 682 vs 106
15:00 Revelations - 682 vs 343
25:16 Outro

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And massive thanks to all of you for being with me for this journey. I know this origins story is not to everyone's liking but I really enjoyed making it all the same. It was exciting to make something new and different. And while the other numerous origin stories of this beastie are all great in their own way, the fact there is no canon means we can all think of different ways this guy came into being and I am dead chuffed me and Cimmerian followed through with this random little discord message exchange about 682 being the serpent from the gaden but not being the bad guy everyone thinks he is. There is reason to his hatred and rage!



It's a shame that people with such craft and passion get buried by the algorithm. Always enjoy your stuff.

Author — Fanatical Techpriest


A star walks into a black hole but doesn't seen phased. The black hole then turns to the star and says, "I don't think you understand the gravity of this situation.

Author — Deep Sea Stone Core


Imagine being RAW enough to tell an Unkillable reptile that he might die if he fought you

Author — Blue Cross


Scp 682 has always been one of my favorites because it was the second Scp I was ever exposed to and because of how interesting it is. With these videos I’ve actually come up with a kinda theory about 682. I like to believe that 682 was in fact the snake from the garden and after being cast out by God, the Scarlet King found and took him in. Made him more powerful. I think God only curse 682 to never die while the Scarlet King gave him the ability to adapt and change as well as his massive size considering he used to just be a snake. The Scarlet King also made 682 death’s steed, makes sense for the one to bring death to have a steed that can’t die. So when 682 said he was all of them, he really meant it. 106 said he wasn’t the devil because he wasn’t, humans just said 682 when he was just a snake the devil more to make sense of it and point the blame.

Author — Pinkydee10


That ending was actually extremely saddening…

Even a giant, mutating, , human butchering reptile monster can be multi faceted… I genuinely felt sorrow for him.

Author — House Adams


"I just want to go home".

Powerful stuff and I quite like where you guys have taken 682. Puts him in a very unique and sad situation. Made an unlimited rage beast into something relatable and pitiable. Keep it up guys.

Author — Tersidre


343 Was only making 682 understand that his hate will eventually lead to nowhere but 682 is blind to see it.


Author — SuCat Blyat


I love how the angel at 9:45 is just like:
"How many times do I have to teach you this lesson old man?"

Author — Jack Valior


I love the depiction of 682 as a giant monitor lizard, because they did once exist. Megalania, the original 682. :) also, I have to note that the death's steed and serpent backstories aren't mutually exclusive. there's no reason scp has to follow the myth verbatim. Look at the mythos about Adam Al Hasem (sp?), Cain and Abel. The story's been changed enormously from the bible version, which makes it interesting to people who aren't into the bible stuff.

Author — AnimeShinigami13


I actually feel a swell of pity for the angry lizard. He did as God bade him and was then punished for it - for all eternity with no chance for redemption. Nothing deserves so cruel a fate.

Author — Shaylok


I have always felt sorry for 682 {definitely a bad idea} but all the 682 stuff here makes me feel even more sorry for it, the poor lizard

Author — Trap Dragon


SCP-682 is clearly just misunderstood. Sadly all it feels is rage and anger and the urge to kill everything that comes in it's way. SCP-682 would do great as a helper for the Foundation, like destroying the Chaos Insurgency, The Serpent Hands or The Horizon Initiative.

Author — MrFoxySir


Very interesting. Now, having heard this tale, I'd love to hear the full backstory on 682, predating the creation of "The Garden", and Humanity, and his hard fall from grace.
I can only assume that he was once an Angel, himself, and probably an Archangel too, at that. Not Lucifer, but rather some other one... but which one? Who was he? What was his name? What did he look like? What was he "The Angel Of"?
My enquiring mind wants to know! 🤔

Author — Carl Deithorn


682 was just a normal man, that is, until he was bitten by a radioactive lizard

Author — Camaro Fish


I love the more monitor lizard like design you gave 682. Looks very interesting. Amazing art. :)

Author — Caesar Montevecchio


To see how you’ve improved over the years is amazing. I will never stop watching.

Author — Elizabeth Armstrong


We may see those who inflict pain as nothing but an abomination, a monster, an enemy who's existence required removal. There are some who may ask where his unfeathered hatred sources from, although we are still greeted with hostility. Even his own creator could not grant him freedom, for he cannot go back on his own word. 682 might be what we fear most, yet he might be the most rational of us all.

Author — Alejandro Mena


I think my favorite 682 theory is SPC 682 is the steed of death, and 053 is death herself, but the whole "serpent that Eve to eat the apple" thing is also pretty neat

Author — SoNotTheHeroType


A shining beacon in the animated scp ruled algorithm!!! Thank you for making my pseudo Friday even better

Author — DillaSoul22