sieger design – Viu for Duravit (English subtitles)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Designers’ view on Viu, the complete bathroom series that is distinguished by its striking, avant-garde forms and the unrivalled precision with which it is made. Launched at ISH 2019.

Series’ description:
The gentle curve of the washbasin, which begs to be touched, marks a clear contrast to the rigorous geometric precision of the basic form. The Viu design aesthetic defies standard stylistic categories. Distinctive and multifaceted, it pairs timelessly familiar forms with ones that are more avant-garde and futuristic. With its pristine ceramic and precise manufacturing, the series also breaks new ground from a technical perspective.

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Concept & copyright: sieger design
Video editing & sound by gucc, Münster
CGIs by gamut, Münster