5 Differences between girls in Ukraine & Belarus

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5 Differences between girls in Ukraine & Belarus 4.5

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💬 Comments on the video

The important thing to remember is that hot 20yr old girls in both places aren't going to be interested in your broke 60 yr old rear end

Author — Mark BD


Truthfully I rather have a boring girl then a chaotic girl thats intresting.

Author — Rob Varde


My wife is from Ukraine, , no, I am not older than her, in fact she is few years older than me and we did not meet in Ukraine, we met in France and we are together because we are a good match, it’s exactly like if I went for a girl from my home country!. Don’t travel across the world thinking that you going to be luckier in a poor country !, woman over there will use you to leave their country and leave you once they moved over to your country !

Author — Patric Ryan


Every country has beautiful people, but my impression is that Belarus has more than their share.

Author — huskerite2


Belated Merry Christmas, Conor. I fine your information about Eastern Europe the last frontier.

Author — James Hallal


I think I just saw Mr. Bald and Bankrupt :))

Author — Role


To me all Slavic ladies are amazing, thanks for sharing with us.

Author — Hybrid Planet


When you were showing clips of girls dancing, etc, it would have been really helpful if you'd said which of the two cities you were showing.

Author — COM Func


Probably true if you base your experiences on Bars and Clubs...
Tour experience seems rather limited..

Author — Don Love


Its like comparing girls from new york with girls from south dakota. Odessa and Minsk are not comparable. The city they live in shapes them.

Author — Image lush


Conor great information again. I have spent the last year going to meet Ukraine woman which they were lovely.

Author — ben McGuire


Belarusian girl= wife material, Ukranian girl= hot fun Mistress

Author — sam sum


Was extremely curious about watching your video because I'm half Belarusian/ half Ukrainian!
And most of the points were true, i liked the idea a lot!

Author — Irena Ars


Odessa its good only for scammers and funny time. I lived in Ukraine for many years, not tourist. Its others city for found good girl.

Author — impero1936


Love this video. Having been to Belarus this summer I can agree that everything he mentions in this video is true. Especially the approachability factor in Belarus, I haven’t seen anything like that elsewhere.

Author — 8g4bigsee


For some reason I wasn't surprised to see Mr bald show up in this video. It is Belarus after all.

Author — TheRantingCabby


Oh! I remember how you came to Grodno and we had talking about rent of apartment. You are multilanguage speaker. Is it right?

Author — Прогулки по Нью-Йорку


I'm from Belarus, and mostly I agree with the video

Author — Анфиса шоу ок


Bravo - very coherent. You need to stay away from the vodka before filming a new vlog.

Author — Michael


This video made me realize the differences in my Belarusian wife and myself (being a Ukrainian). She does come off more “boring” and can be more naive and trusting. I’m a bit more crazy but untrusting of people. I thought it was just our relationship but realized it’s a cultural thing, just from this video.

Author — Serge Kasyanchik