Wilson Pro Staff 97 Roger Federer Autograph Review Update

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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Thanks for doing this additional review of the RF97A, Jonas. It's my racquet of choice & I've been playing with it for about 2 yrs now. I agree with everything you said about this racquet. I've found that I can improve my handling of the racquet by doing some shadow swings with an old wood racquet with a racquet head cover. This combination is heavier than the RF97A but not so heavy that repeated swinging is likely to cause injury. A session of just a couple of minutes with the wood racquet makes the RF97A swing as light as a feather.

I agree with you about the paint chipping although I've found that the white areas on the Tuxedo edition seem much more durable than the corresponding black areas on the all-black model. One thing I've found to help repair the scratches and chips in the black paint is to cover them with either an indelible black marker or a light coating of black shoe polish. If the frame is chipped a bit, a coating with cyanoacrolyate glue can prevent further chipping.

Author — George Oberlander


@Tennisnerd, you mentioned an important point about taking this racquet to a 3 hour slugfest on the court. I think we are at times guilty of trying to improve our game immediately on the court without focussing on correcting our footwork and technique one by one over weeks. Every time I change strings / switch to a lighter racquet it takes 1-2 days to get accustomed to the feel and those are the most frustrating matches you will play. Then as usual we go to gear websites looking for the next best racquet :) . Thanks for confirming my understand on this stick, we share the same views and I have come to terms with where I am on the skill level. But great racquet to play with. Thanks for the great review.

Author — sparkelius


I measured 5 brand new Wilson Clash racquets at my local store. There was an 11 gram difference between the highest and lowest with an average deviation of over 5 grams. The Tour version was better in terms of static weight, but for $250 this lack of QC is simply unacceptable.

Author — E P


A Novak D. autograph frame would be super hard to use. I do agree that the RF97A is an instant classic. It is surprising how well it sells.

Author — B. Lakeberg


This is my main racquet and the control from this racquet is amazing. You are right that it is not for everyone... I couldn't have played with this a couple years back. Too bad about the WC issues at Wilson. Not surprised that yonex does better. Japanese companies are famous for good qc and they make excellent racquets too! Great review.

Author — Denio93


Thanks for doing this review. I have the all black version and love it! The matte finish is great. I tried weighting up my 2015 Blade but can't quite get the same plowthrough that this racquet has - it's a true beast of a stick.

Author — anonymous62810


If Wilson ever got their QC issues figured out I'd use them again. It is ridiculous considering the prices they charge. In my experience Yonex still has the best QC for mass produced sticks.

Author — user1138


I just bought one of these, just weighed mine and it come in at 351 grams.
My Babalots were 1 gram over and 4 grams under.
My Yonex was 1 gram under and my prince was 0.5 grams over.
My Wilson is a whopping 11 grams over.

OK So I just strung it up with VS Touch Nat Gut in mains at 57 and Lux 4g at 54 in crosses, changed the leather grip to a Babolat Skin Feel and its now 366 grams strung, exactly what Fed’s racquet is coming in at. Glad to loose 10 grams from the stick as its bloody heavy.
Played for an hour and I’m not used to this kinda of weight and swing weight, I’m gonna give this beautiful racquet a good go and if it doesn’t work out its gonna hang on my wall as its a beauty and with the Nat gut and 4g with red stencil just looks a piece of art.

Author — SRKarting


Imagine that..and smaller brands like Fischer now Pacific, have MUCH better QC.

Author — JorgeAndresCoppiano.


It's funny for me, I tested the light versions and it's nice, but when I took it RF97, it worked like a charm for me! More weird is that I perform better with my PS Blx 90's autograph. I think that is the wrong tension that I'm using. The blx 90's with 49/46 tension pattern and on my RF97 I use 53.8 / 51.3.

For the next string, on the RF97, I will use more low pattern, like 50 libs or something near that.

Good video, thanks for the updates!

Author — Matheus Felipe


been using the Wilson 6.1 classic on and off for a long time, but when I playtested the PS97A and Vcore Pro 97 330 side by side, the Yonex has slightly better feel and control for rackets of similar specs... Factor QC into that equation however, and there's basically no question which one I would rather pick.

Author — mj xu


finally had a chance to try this racquet earlier with full bed Wilson Revolve at 55lbs. hard to use but very rewarding. won my game!

Author — Miko Buhawe


Always looking forward to the next vids! Jonas, please do review for the lux 4G and Smart when you’re free. I’ve read it already, but would love to hear you share more in depth thoughts about full bed/combinations.

I was so happy when you posted on ig that you were suddenly reviewing the good ol’ 4G out of no where.. cos I’ve recently been looking for a new round poly that is consistent, not too stiff/soft, maintains whatever tension it drops to instead of continuously dropping and as much as poly gets, decent “feel”. Changed to full bed of 4G at lower tension range two weeks ago but somehow, it feels a little bit “hard” even though I thought it would be okay. I’m using a pretty low RA stick.

I’m wondering about your thoughts on how u find a full bed of those two strings and also, if hybrid, what combos you like/think these two will be best in? Do recommend a tension range too (I play very similar to your ground strokes).

Author — commandcenter


"I was a ballerina in a previous life" 😂😂
Made my day Jonas!
And I gotta say the tuxedo version would throw me off too

Author — C D


0:09 you definitely have to frame this XD. Nice update. RF97A is also being my back-up stick. The feeling is similar like greeting a good old friend :) Otherwise I currently play with PS 97L with some added weight. Cheers

Author — skylaxx


Great video. I'm wondering if ever made a video to discuss popular rackets from a long time ago and how they compare with the modern rackets. For example, when I played competitive tennis I used a Prince original graphite mid plus. After many years i'm getting back into playing and my racket seems very outdated. I'd like to find one that has a similar feel, etc..

Author — joonsup


love your no bs technique. solid player. may I ask what rating are you at ?

Author — Michael P


You should upload some tennis lessons, that forehand is lethal!

Author — Limitlessstate


Good review and with a PS you never take a low slice or never touch the ground wirh it because the paint is like paper:D

Author — Piotr Łabowski


Dear Jonas, I am happy to find someone with same mindset about racket quality issues as me. I felt like no one around me cares enough to address this topic(s). I admit that perfectionism is not the best way to go through life and I am constantly trying to change the approach, but some details about the tennis rackets are too obvious not to mention. You mentioned almost everything I was ever considering regarding the manufacturing quality as well as quality of finish on the rackets. I can not state how carefully I treat the rackets, I keep them in separate bubble wrap, which is also strange to some opponents :) So, when I see that they are damaged in terms of peeled paint without me hitting the ground i.e court or scratching them anywhere, it simply makes me incredibly disappointed. For the price we are paying, this is disgrace. Variation in weight is beyond discussion, for rackets to vary ~ 7 grams one between another is below any acceptable level. We deserve better.

Author — Vjeko Tezak