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Alright we're talking eyeliner today kids. I wanted to show you how this placement can totally change the shape and tilt of your eyes. Thoughts??? 🙃🖤


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Let me know which one you do and if you're gonne switch it up! 🙌🏼

Author — Alexandra Anele


Your face is one of the most pristine canvases I've ever seen. Your face without makeup is a joy. With makeup it is art. You never disappoint!

Author — Pepper Provasnik


Alex: shows different ways to apply liner in inner corner flawlessly
Me: *cries in epicanthal folds*

Author — Jenny


YES! More natural light please, it brings out the green in your eyes and it's kinda "cozier"...Much needed tips as usual, thank you!

Author — ludovica


the most helpful video ive seen so far about this "inner corner trend". <3 thank you!

Author — Izabel Vlogs


I understand that this was probably like this for educational purposes, but I have to say this is a look. and I love it. nothing much else, just great skin and a bit of eyeliner. love it.

Author — jarmille X


This changed the WHOLE game for me!!!! I've always wanted to rock that inner corner look but my 40 yr old eye wrinkles would not let me....until now ! 100% game changer ... thank you sooo much dude xxoo

Author — 1sweetpeach


You are the only person really TEACHING make-up techniques out here. Selfless QUEEN, you do the work so all of us hooded eyes betches can look like absolute foxes. All of my love to ya

Author — Marina Castro


EVERYTHING about your attitude and personality is so attractive. Like when the cool girl in school becomes your best friend. That’s the only way to describe the feeling

Author — Karissa Bishop


Super helpful. Going to experiment with the "catty" one because I've got lovely hooded eyes at 63 and just learning about makeup application. I fell in love with your natural beauty and knew ANYTHING shared would be amazing coming from your channel. Your face is absolutely arresting. Thanks for EVERYTHING I've learned from you💛

Author — Jaded Monk


I feel like the lighting is the best you’ve had since I’ve started watching your channel. It’s so soft and natural

Author — Roussel


Me: Man, I hate doing a wing, it always ends up covering like half my upper lid.
Alex: Lemme show you not only my awesome thin wing, lets give you another spot to put eyeliner where you will inevitably start with something subtle but end up looking like a 2004 Top 8 contender.
Me: Yeah, that sounds about right.

All joking aside, thanks for these. They help me figure out new ways to play with makeup!

Author — Qwinlyn


as a newly out enby makeup is basically witchcraft to me XD but im slowly learning

Author — Will


Absolutely ✨living ✨ for the pink hair! It’s already faded so much from the zoom video, can’t wait to see the next colour!

Author — Elliana Dailey


Ok, this convinced me to try the inner cat eye thing and i immediately got complimented on it! definitely out of my typical makeup comfort zone but gave me a real RBF vibe which I loved. Thanks for the simple tutorial!! You have really rekindled my interest in makeup recently.

Author — Sidney G


I do like the lighting.
I love the look of inner-corner highlights and eyeliner, but people who can do those techniques must not have my eyes’ tendency to wateriness. Whenever I try to place anything right near the inner corner of my eye, I end up with a mess. ☹️

Author — Sally Jordan


Cool makeup trick Alex! I am one of those girls that tried but just couldn't rock the inner cat eye thing bc of my downturned eyes. Can't wait to give this a shot!😘

Author — April N.


NO.EXCUSES! I literally have a hooded eye and a non hooded eye, both with different sizes and droops and with the shape of my eyeliner I can make them look very similar now, thanks to videos like these.

Author — Itsnemosoul


This is cool to see the side by side difference! And the lighting is sooo good! Would love to see more videos in this lighting, it makes it way easier to see what it really looks like. Hope you have a great day!

Author — therealmausau


Oh. My. God! I have downturned eyes (with serious hoods) and eyeliner has always been a struggle, so I love the way the lower inner corner helps them balance out. Thank you so much, I’m absolutely incorporating this now

Author — Lame Borghini