Infinity S7 (i7-9750H/GTX 1660 Ti) Gaming Laptop Review

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The Infinity S7-9G6-88 is a gaming laptop based on the Tongfang GK7CP6S chassis. With i7-9750H and GTX 1660 Ti graphics, it should be a capable gaming machine, let’s find out what’s on offer in this detailed review.

While Infinity are selling these laptops in Australia and New Zealand, the Tongfang GK7CP6S chassis is used by many other models around the world, including the Eluktronics Mech-17, so this review should also be useful for others.

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I'll have a 1660 Ti vs 1650 laptop comparison coming after Computex, both laptops will have dual channel memory and same CPUs 👍

Author — Jarrod'sTech


"Hair wax disabled" hahaha😂
Anyway, great review as always!!! 👍👍

Author — Misty SoHigh


Like first, then watch. Enjoying your videos Jarrod!

Author — NDuNiteDXM8


Man this guys works hard for the reviews! Great work man 👍🏻

Author — Virk Saab


Ty for the vid i have been waiting on this :)

Author — phoon


look at that og geforce sticker on the laptop 🤣🤣

Author — Hoang D


Hey Jarrod, can we expect a 1650 VS 1660ti VS 2060 video after Computex? And maybe you could include a GTX 1060 so we could see the improvment from Last Generation? We appreciate your huge efforts!

Author — ChuddyzZ


Dude can u do a review on Y540? It is now released!

Author — Bounphithak Phithak


Your videos are awesome, I recently purchased a laptop only after seeing your review on it

Author — The jump rope ninja


Test Acer Predator Helios 300 2019 edition with i7-9750h processor and GTX 1660ti graphics card

Author — Kamaljeet Singh


This is so much work for every single laptop man. Thanks for the efford!

Author — Gunes Oral


Does Infinity have a website?? or direct contact?

Author — Sonia Mussa


Another great review Jarrod.
But my devil's advocate side wonders if you could have tested in dual channel memory configuration to better prove the point of avoiding the single ones. Probably a follow-up video.
Keep the good work.

Author — Jean-Marc SEALELLI


More GTX 1660Ti laptops!! BTW great video

Author — wikg3010


Great video as always man😃, by the way review the eluktronics mech 15, has the same chassis i think and the same specs but for a much cheaper price, review that as well if the decide to send you one😃😃

Author — pasand aso


Hi Jarrod, love your channel.Quite addictive with so many great videos. Any plans to review the HP Omen 15-dc1024na 9750h/1660Ti laptop? No reviews online at all.

Author — Dream Box


Jarrod, by any chance you could possibly do a review of their X5 series? Really interested in the smaller chassis one. Thanks.

Author — Rex Wu


Old video but thanks so much for covering this chassis. Just placed an order for a custom one with a 2060 that has the same boost function as the eluktronics version. Massive props for your continued in depth coverage and testing of these lesser known ODMs

Author — Bravo Ace


Hi Jarrod! Will you be reviewing the Zephyrus G with the 1660Ti as well?

Author — Cerwin サーウィン Munsayac


Thanks for the nice and detailed video. You have covered all aspects. Could you please do a video for Infinity S2060-B22?

Author — Inoka Wijewardhana