What The Internet Did To Garfield

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Garfield, Odie, and Jon are here. May God have mercy on us all.

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I tried very hard to credit ever artist featured, but do to some deleted blogs/ how viral some of these images are, it was occasionally not possible to find a proper source, and theres a chance some of these images could be credited to a blog that featured them as opposed to the artists account themselves. If you see your art in this video uncredited, you can either email my business email (found on my twitter) or reply to the announcement tweet of this video, and we will get you properly credited.

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Hey guys.

This is my longest video ever, and by far the one I've put the most time and energy into, and the only reason I can do that with an idea this weird, is the support I get on patreon, so first up, thank you to everyone who supports me, you make unreasonable projects like this possible, and second, if you liked this video and want to help support the slow decent into madness that has been this channel, you can do so at:

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But as ever, whether you're a patron or not thanks for watching. I'm going to lie down for several days now, and spend a bit of time resting up cause I am burnt out in the next few weeks, and I hope you do the same.

Its a weird world out there, but thanks for checking out my videos, and ill see you in the new year.

Author — Super Eyepatch Wolf


I was not expecting to sit through this entire video but here we are. Great work.

Author — RubberRoss


"The comic has always been about a man being endlessly tortured by a cruel and unfeeling being."

Yes, it has always been about what it's like to own a cat.

Author — 420Travesty


as a person who has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts all my life, angel jon defeating garfield legitimately brought a hopeful tear to my eye. Maybe it wont be forever

Author — Sam Cooper


My grandmother passed away last year (saint that she was), and one of the mementos I kept from her house is a Garfield plush I remember giving her for Mother's Day in the early 90's when she lived in the backwoods of coastal Alabama. That means it survived 4 major hurricanes, three movings, a divorce, and a marriage renewal. It seriously astounded me she still had it on the chest-of-drawers in her personal walk-in closet.

Garfield is...

Author — Andrew


The fact that wolf behaves like a Lovecraft character—curiosity luring him in like bait, clinging to normalcies like humor and Patreon in order to keep his sanity only to question reality and his very memories, ultimately singing the praise of this incomprehensible Eldritch horror he has accidentally uncovered, willingly or not, but rejecting it at the very end—really brings this video together.

Author — Titanium Chief


The line "When you stare at something for long enough, it becomes... nothing" really hits deeper once I've finished watching this video. Rewatching the beginning, it seemed like a normal video that was going to give a little explanation about what happened to Garfield on the internet, and I would've never guessed that it would be so genuinely emotional by the end and that I would actually think of Garfield any differently from what I did before watching.

After listening and just seeing what Garfield has become, it felt more natural and real, it wouldn't have hit the same way if I just skipped to the end, I would think that is just silly and move on with my day. The video talked so much about Garfield's disturbing reality, that i've accepted that as something normal.

After we've seen something for long enough, it loses meaning. It becomes normal. We learn to live with it without any questioning. Like a 3 panel comic strip that will never stop repeating itself.

Author — Seek's Animations and Stuff


Personally, I think all of "I'm sorry Jon/creepy Garfield/Gorefield" works best and is most terrifying when delivered completely deadpan and monotonous, as if Garfield is completely bored and entirely unconcerned, not because he's detached from reality, but because he knows and accepts the truth of their reality, that nothing matters.

Author — atlys


I was sitting in a parking lot listening to this video, and tried testing the Garfield Effect trying to see if I could find him anywhere, I gave up after like 5 minutes, and later realized, that I was wearing a Garfield Shirt and had forgotten

Author — OfficialChisco


Garfield is an awful entity that is probably memetic, according to SCP standards. We are all lost to that aberration

Author — Gilles Chowdhury


This is the best example of a descent into madness I've ever seen

Author — Tessy


The concept of Garfield being "hidden in plain sight in every aspect of our lives" is both incredibly hilarious and completely horrifying, at least to me.

Author — Tomahawks360


John forgave himself for the eternities where he was trapped with his insecurities and fear, all conceptualized in an orange and black stripped cat. Internet is a crazy place.

Author — No


Garfield is a memetic weapon, indistinguishable in function from other similar SCPs if not for its apparent lack of self-obfuscation.

Author — PastaAivo


Dude the ending with that art piece made me feel like I've been living a whole life during this 1 hour video, you made an equaly amazing job telling this story as those artists created it

Author — Nocto


I am three minutes in and I am almost shaking with excitement. I love fandoms exactly for how they both distort and also, somehow, refine what it is about a work that people love, and this is *awesome* to see.

Author — jem 56


I have never thought of depression as a shitty, selfish cat that you constantly feed. That's a genuinely incredible metaphor.

Author — AsiniusNaso


One of the most in-depth character analysis I've seen for a long time, wasn't expecting to be listening to this while doing a science report but I couldn't stop listening to hearing you explain your thoughts and opinions. Outstanding dedication to reading and straight up studying Garfield for this video, was incredible man. SUB GETTO

Author — Gotta love axolotls


I am a bit disturbed by the "Jon arbuckle... 2", and how Jon reacts so weirdly to that. Is there an implication that Jon is somehow ashamed/scared of that number 2? Who could those 2 be?

Author — EBR9000


I’m dead, as I was watching this video I was painting and I started painting a Garfield for funsies, , at 57:19 you show a horror drawing of Garfield and my painting was thematically exactly the same(bloated Garfield asking Jon to feed him), just speaks to how ubiquitous that scary Garfield style is

Author — Phantom Party