Mueller Report Cold Open - SNL

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Mueller Report Cold Open - SNL 4
Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro), William Barr (Aidy Bryant) and President Trump (Alec Baldwin) summarize the Mueller Report.

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Since we never hear Mueller talk, I just imagine he talks like Robert De Niro.

Author — Brock Albert


Snl's makeup artists are really good. Those jaw bones are legitness

Author — Landon


"I'm reading 0 pages but Sean Hannity did and he was so excited he texted me an eggplant!" 😂😂😂

Author — Amy Jenson


Kate McKinnon deserves an Oscar for her Giuliani impersonation.

Author — Didge


Muellers testimony was basically an SNL skit itself.

Author — Michael Von Wald


DeNiro looking more and more like the old man from Disney's UP

Author — TheOzzy


Hair and makeup crew don't get enough credit! 😂

Author — T K


"Russia, if you're watching, go to bed. Daddy won."

Author — Damon Shattuck


"Hashtag FDR but with legs..." actually sounds like something Trump would say...because he has zero empathy. His most cringe worthy moment was impersonating a reporter with a physical handicap.

Author — strongbad666


4:30 you won't believe me but I was actually at that Yankees game. it was his birthday and on the speaker when it was making birthday announcements, it said happy birthday to rudy guilani and everybody booed. it was hilarious.

Author — Ivry Frost


Whoever did the Jawline makeup work on Bobby D deserves a Raise!

Author — T U


"Yours in eternal darkness" is my new signoff

Author — Steven Patrick Milton


De Niro's impersonation of Mueller may need a make-over. Instead of a cutting edge, gonna get you, focused it should be more like Elmer Fudd.

Author — pgrutube


The Rudy Guilliani impression killed me

Author — Paul S


"Sean Hannitty was so excited he texted me an eggplant" - classic.

Author — Tracy Forbes


Barr did his lying job he was hired to do.
"Almost four pages"- Lol

Author — John's Chess Channel


From the thumbnail, I thought "what, they actually got Robert Mueller? That doesn't make any sense.". Good work, Bobby DeNiro

Author — JLuVeeGee


“the pardons are already in the mail” 📬 and 1:30🤣
no collusion 2:53

Author — Fed Dev


She makes Barr look good, not so much like Piggy from Lord of the Flies.🤓

Author — I. M.


There’s no one better to play Mueller than De Niro

Author — Brenyatta