ADVANCE Flashback

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Soon it will be 30 years since the founding of ADVANCE - in December 2018 in fact. A long time with many formative events; and also the moment to take a look at the past. Here is a look back. Almost 10 years ago Christoph Frutiger made an ADVANCE film which set new standards for paraglider filming; a film which today still inspires us and our competitors. This was a time when there were no drones and Social Media channels.

The reason for this film was the introduction of the EPSILON 6. “Explore New Skies” was the slogan for this product. Responsible for the flying were ADVANCE chief test pilot Kari Eisenhut and a young Chrigel Maurer. The results are breath-taking sequences in the atmospheric desolation of the high Berner Oberland, the home of ADVANCE. The pictures still give you goose bumps today.

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This was my second wing. Loved it. It taught me so much. I so wish Advance had have kept the pattern of colours. I'm not really fond of the current design.

Author — Gav Hartel