Russian Folk Music That Will Make You Thrill! Part IV

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Russian Folk Music That Will Make You Thrill! Part IV 5

Russian Folk Song In a sunny meadow - На солнечной поляночке
Performers: Group "Brilliant" and Alexandrov Ensemble
A big festive concert for the Victory Day, "It's necessary to live", May 7, 2016.
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💬 Comments on the video

Is this what real women look like? They make the Kardashians look like garbage

Author — Leo Groba


Putin was absolutely correct when he said "we have the most beautiful women in the world"

Author — Internet News


Why do I feel patriotic even if i'm not russian?

Author — Undefine


Saying the Russian girls are beautiful is like saying the sky is blue. Everyone knows that. Ljubi vas Srbin !!!

Author — galactic handsome


Americans: Kardashians.
Russians: Women dressed in Soviet Uniforms.

I think we can agree that the 2nd one is way better.

Author — Telisious The 3rd


Unlike in western " patriotic " festivals, Russian girls don't have to strip out, put a ton of make-up nor doing a plastic surgery to actually impress the crowd.

Author — Pro Gadget Review PGR


That is why I married a Russian woman and we have 6 children after 22 years of happy marriage.

Author — Greg Grimer


Western values are money
Russian value is the human soul

Author — Pravda Odna


I think that's why my mom is so shes Russian

Author — Royalty Approved


Why do Russian girls looks so beautiful in military uniform

Author — Francis Albee


Yes, we have the most beautiful women. But just imagine how many of them died during the great Patriotic War. I am a historian by training and my heart bleeds when you read the documents. How many young girls died in the occupied territories, how many partisans and underground women were brutally tortured by the fascists. It was in the red Army that women set the greatest records:the most effective sniper, the most effective fighter pilot. And how many exploits remained is unknown. When the 16-year-old girl Katya Krasnova from Tula attributed to herself 2 years and having got to the front carried out on herself wounded heavier than her, under enemy fire. And so all four years, and in the bitter cold and in the pouring rain. And died 28.04.1945. near Berlin, covering a wounded officer from an enemy machine gun. Eternal memory for those who will never be kissed by a guy who will never know the happiness of motherhood.

Author — Максим Малюков


*watches one video*

"Hmm yes Russian girls are my type."

Author — Jackie Chan


Love for the MOTHERLAND, True Patriotism, Strong- Willed People, High Moral Traditional Values in Family and Society, DEEP Spirituality, Purity of Soul, Respect to Self and Others- these are the Cornerstone Basic Values that Russia stands ON and FOR.

Author — Lia Spring


This is the most disturbing and the weirdist simp group I have stumbled upon on YouTube

Author — Polish Hussar


The blonde with the long loose hair <3

Author — LiquidBlackWolf


I love how everybody sitting there is just staring.

Author — The Squid Patriarch


I love the parts where they show those women in the audience humming by themselves. That's what I love about folk music of any country. There just seems to be abundance of human connection and history hidden in it.

Author — Chanchal Nishanth


I'm not Russian but i suddenly felt the soothing touch of mother Russia

Author — Harvey Lu


Russian and serbian women most beautiful in the world, love from 🇷🇸❤️🇷🇺

Author — Milan Dordevic


So many of us here listening to this have been Russian in a past life....

Author — Diana Monteith Monteith