moistcr1tikal Twitch Stream Mar 13th, 2020 [Nioh 2]

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Games Played: Nioh 2
Stream Title: My most anticipated game of the year


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His customization put my 30 minutes making the perfect waifu to shame

Author — Robert Gray


Thanks to the good fellow who uploads these. I cant catch the streams so its nice. So many hours of entertainment. I really wanna see his Doom eternal playthrough

Author — E N A B L E D F L A M E


This is perfect I been watching all your vids lately and am now playing the dlc to this as we speak.

Author — LoW Davey


All 3 stances helped me with this boss. Each serving its own purpose.

Author — William K.


I had a tough time on the yatsu and was also using a magic build, but at this point in the game you can’t use hardly any good onmyo. I just played in mid/high hit and run for like 2-3 hits on the sides. Some of his single attacks can be blocked if u have the stamina.

Author — Zark


Dies for the 40th time in the same boss: "Yeah I think it's great so far". Love it.

Author — Elgar T.W.


I love how almost everything in Nioh 2 works exactly like it was in Nioh.

Sloth Talisman worked the same, it's an a OP magic, but hey, i guess "IT's UseLEsS NoW", and armor, and yokai form c:

Author — Mesmerising Cube


Ah, wish I could've been there when this game came out lol just unlocked some crazy NG+

Author — EmptyHavok


I love this channel he uploads every stream

Author — knucklehead 3207


I need a play list for this so I can watch it in order

Author — septic slayerxx _


Still play this every other day nioh will always be an escape

Author — ZaChaos


Just bought this today at the source for 10$ 💀 I haven’t had this much fun playing a game since ocarina of time

Author — Anindustryplant


I still don’t know how I managed to beat Enenra with an Odachi, he’s a fast boi

Author — Meme Salad


Seeing him play is frustrating, but at least hes enjoying it

Author — Apple Cake


Probably the deepest customization I've ever seen in a game

Author — Riley Machelle


For everyone upset at how he's playing (even though this was months ago and he's beat the game), he Has to figure that stuff out later. He cant do that late game

Author — Nova shy


you are a fucking god I love your content and when I am fealing down I watch you and I crack upp

Author — CS: Gang


hearing charlie say yokai is like nails on a fucking chalkboard

Author — Widerrapier


Dayum this is good stuff lol I’m sure he understands the game better later on. This first episode is HILARIOUS tho. Loving the content dude

Author — Doom Train


I love gow the injured man stays and fights the demons ive killed 100 times before but no i, an able body, go run away in a cave

Author — PEPPERslim