The Future of MMORPGs Has Never Looked Better!

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In this video, we're breaking the news that there are now 9 triple A MMORPGs in development! What is happening?!

This video is all about the newest upcoming MMORPGs that are in development. We're trying to figure out what this means for the industry and what it means for gamers. Are these new games going to make an impact? watch and find out!

In the last few months we have seen MULTIPLE triple A studios come out and announce that they were working on massive Triple A MMORPGs. Several of these new MMORPGs look incredibly promising.

Horizon Online, Archeage 2, Soulframe, Dune Awakening, Project LL, Throne and Liberty, shes of Creation, Riot MMO, New ZOS MMO, New Blizzard MMO, 2023 MMORPGs, MMOs in 2023.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Horizon Online
2:43 Archeage 2
6:13 Soulframe
8:42 Dune Awakening
11:12 Project LLL
13:16 Throne and Liberty
16:17 Ashes of Creation
20:19 Riot MMO RuneTerra Online
24:47 ZoS MMO
27:25 Blizzard MMOs

💬 Comments

Bro, you've really given me something to look forward to next year! MMORPGs are always gonna be a favorite part of my gaming life and I look forward to all of the adventures I'll embark on with other fellow players. Thanks so much for all your awesome content, Lucky!

Author — Jonah Wilson


Seems like next 2-5 years going to be somewhat of the New MMO Golden age considering that huge titles. And as i'm not really on top of the topic i found here something super interesting for me as well, Crown and Liberty looks so freaking amazing.

Author — Sanya Shaihov


I would be excited for a Diablo MMO and very interested in Ashes as well ast Riot's MMO. I just hope we get something good soon.

Author — Shawn


I'm hyped for Riot MMO, Blizzard and Horizon (because the world building is amazing).

Author — Liquid Guns


Archeage was a great mmorpg, it just lacked good content. The fishing, trade runs, crafting, plant farming, pet capturing, and a few other things were great. You can actually level up In Archeage without doing the boring mainstory content however like all mmorpg it was required for endgame content.... I just hope these new mmorpg does not force you to grief through 40hrs or forced story progression quest of... kill x mob, gather x item, excort x person, complete x dungeon, all just to unlock end game features/fun

Author — ijhvdsdtg


I'm also really looking forward to Wayfinder which was announced during The Game Awards I think. Really excited for it

Author — Prefekt


Last two years has been puzzling me. Years first content were great, Blackwood and Hight Isle. But latter parts fell down, The Deadlands and Galen and Yffelon. Why the latter part has been so lackluster? I don't know. The final battles have been fun. A bit easy but fun. Still the areas and lire didn't do much for me. I look forward next year. Im sure I will enjoy ESO next year again. If they introduce autofighting I will uninstall the game.

Author — Eskomies


I hope for there to be an end to pay to win games! ESO killed me with that along with nerfing my gear! Do you think that some of these games will not make that same mistake? :)

Author — jasonwow9


I'd bet my theoretical bottom dollar that not ALL of these will end up releasing :/. They all seem to have been announced rather early. I'd be impressed if 1/3rd of this list makes it to market.

Author — Hazy J


You sir are the best thing on YouTube 👍🏻 love the videos 🏅

Author — Ali K AlKhalifa


I have at least one of these has the depth of eso. It’s the gear and the number of play styles/skills which make me love eso

Author — oleary


"The Future of MMORPGs Has Never Looked Better!" people say this every year. And yet the MMO scene every year fails. This time is no different.

Author — Jokzton


At the start of the video, I saw "Throne and Liberty" and thought "hey this looks cool!" but then I saw that it's made by NCsoft. Nevermind then. The graphics and music will probably be amazing like for Aion but the gameplay will probably be pay to win garbage. I'm looking forward to Ashes of Creation and Riot Games though!

Author — Léo Lapalu


currently I'm the most excited about Justice online coming to the west after so long. I really hope they don't back off from this idea.

Author — InsaneDark


My 2 cent, as long as any mmo is focus on PvP the game WILL always fail, the only reason pvp exist is to sell power aka pay to win and thats already 2 reasons for failure. just add in the toxic ill will ppl, hack/cheaters, when will they learn? Time and time again IT WILL fail by design, pvp meant for that kind of player loves to slaughter and destroy everything. Over the years there are 2 types of players I notice, the raider type aka pvp-er and the builder the pve and they don't mix well for obvious reasons.

On a different note; Ashes of Creation WILL most likely end in failure, I really was hoping it fulfill the vision from the first trailer. However, ever since the first trailer, then the BR spin off, then promise the next version was the real deal, and now in this video shows completely different system/look/feel all together.

So at the end the leadership or at the top for Ashes of Creation show their priority is not the best/cool game but following trend or the money trail for lack a better descriptor, meaning they will say some cool things but so far had fail to deliverer anything what was in the first trailer and that was probably where most of us where sold on.

Base on what been shown here (lost hope and stop following AoC) everything is basic rpg stuff nothing amazing when compare to the first trailer! Buy hey I hope they can prove me wrong even so its a very long long way to be anything at this point, maybe its another Starcitizen thing.

Author — Sol Lancer


Hopefully MMORPG's can bring back the golden age of the genre like WoW did. Most MMORPG games now are really starting to feel outdated in terms of graphics with the exception of a few. I need a new game I can sink years into... Fingers crossed that UE5 will do just that. However no matter how beautiful the game looks and is, if the combat id mediocre the game is bad. I hope they will improve on the BDO combat system which is the best to date by a landslide

Author — Seriksy


I loved playing MMORPG's for a long time, the problem is that after the shine wares off they stop being fun and start feeling like a second job.

Author — M Fraze


Your forgetting Odin: Valhalla Rising! to be honest though I don't blame you... it was gonna be looking good but Kakao games bought the shares and now is majority holder now having ability to say what happens in development including it's monetization and we all know what happened with black desert... I was really looking forward to it... but with Kakao owning it I feel reaching the west it's just gonna be another cash grab p2w garbage! I have little faith in kakao games but I got a little that maybe they'll prove me wrong if they ruin it I will no longer buying any more of their games or giving them money including the upcoming Crimson Desert game!

Only time will tell they better at list remove autopathing for Valhalla Rising!

Author — Dr. A.I. Kryptanical


I was shook at the archeage2 like I really didn't think that game would ever come back with a second game whaaat

Author — Netro


These mmorpgs need to hurry up. The more invested I get in real life the less likely I will be to try another mmorpg...

Author — D1craigRob