How coronavirus charts can mislead us

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How coronavirus charts can mislead us 5

How to read a popular chart of coronavirus cases by country.

Much of the data about the coronavirus epidemic and covid-19 is flawed. It is collected and reported in different ways by different countries, and almost certainly undercounts the number of cases and deaths. But organizations and journalists still need to report the available data to inform the public and help guide policymakers. Much of that data ends up in visualizations, like charts and maps, which can make it easier to understand and analyze.

But it's important to know how the process of data visualization can shape our perception of the crisis. In this video, we deconstruct one particularly popular chart of covid-19 cases around the world which uses a logarithmic scale, and explain how to avoid being misled by it.


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I don't even remember what we used to talk about before Coronavirus Pandemic

Author — Pratik Lomte


The big question... the one that isn't reflected in those graphs or in this video is... how the heck did the animator do such an awesome job!?

Author — Zakyrie


I can’t say enough about the unrivaled quality of Vox’s video production, especially on a medium like YouTube. Kudos to the team - I can tell a lot of work went into this.

Author — Ryan Gill


“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.” Albert A. Bartlett

Author — Retired Mind


What we learn after COVID-19: competent government is surprisingly needed.

Author — NTH THN


All jokes aside this vid had a lot of effort behind it

Author — RK- 800


"This ain't no race but i still take first place"

Author — The c h i l l Dylan


South Korea knows what's up... no surprise, they've been dealing with zombies since the dawn of time.

Author — Khyle Sulibet


Brazil is not testing people. They’re dying and there’s no autopsies report to appoint numbers

Author — Catt VG


I honestly feel like a lot of people could have the corona virus however aren’t getting tested because they aren’t showing symptoms.

Author — Reky Aly


i love that this video is not trying to push some agenda, it's just "here's a graph and here's what biases are in this graph, make your conclusions if you will"

Author — Даниил Рабинович


Some governments had more time than others... yet did nothing!

Author — Nasha UT


“Some governments had more time than others”. Well unfortunately that some government still isn’t ready to face the fact and tries to blame other governments

Author — Will W


every other countries: (Going up)
South Korea at 10, 000: Yep, I'm gonna stay

Author — Sung Ji


Fyi, S.Korea had no lockdown and no panic buying out of all others from charts.

Author — BenziX


Japan on day 1 of Corona: I sleep
Day 30: I sleep
After their Olympics game was delayed: It's rona tiiiime

Author — Andrew K


And these are just confirmed cases - many cases are unconfirmed. Then, there's asymptomatic carriers.

Author — Terry B


2020: Worldwide Pandemic Games.
"May the odds ever be in your favor." 😷 🌎

Author — sEoulman556


Interesting and worthwhile video. A must see for everyone.

Author — bocoy noiu


Underdeveloped countries be like : NO KITS, NO TEST, NO CORONA .

Author — Turjo Chakma