Prashant Kishor talks about his life, his association with Narendra Modi, RahulGandhi & Nitish Kumar

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Prashant Kishor talks about his life, his association with Narendra Modi, RahulGandhi & Nitish Kumar 4.5

Prashant Kishor exclusive interview with Saurabh Dwivedi. In this interview, JDU vice president Prashant Kishor talks about his initial and political journey. During this interview, PK talks about his relationship with Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Uddhav Thackeray, Nitish Kumar, Amrinder Singh, Arvind Kejriwal and Jagan Reddy. He talks about his family, his education and about his controversy. He describes that why Congress lost UP election 2017 and what will be the impact of Priyanka Gandhi in 2019 Loksabha election.

Produced By: The Lallantop
Edited By: Rajat Sain

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How many of you watched up to end?
If not, rewatch.
Even recommended for those who are not interested in politics.😊



Books mentioned :-

1. Parallel lifes by rudranshu मुखर्जी
2. Wisdom of crowds.
3. My experiments with Truth.

Author — Parth Chopra


Naveen Pattanaik ne apne political career me sirf ek he baar BJP Ka Daman pakda tha, 1997 se 2004 tak, Uske baad BIJU JANTA DAL akele he Apne dum pe chunaav ladte aur jeet tay aayi hai...unlike others Jo har elections me Apne allies badalti hai....
Mai BJD se nahi hun but aaj kal k internet k daur me facts clear hone Chahiye...



Interview is good. As a private company professional also even though I can work for any company, I still hold some basic principles in life and the companies which donot fall under these principles I never approach them for job. I feel each individual should have some basic principles in life and Prashant Kishore seems to be missing on these principles. He is ready to support and work for any party, irrespective of their background, history or future line of work. This is dangerous as he is into winning the elections by hook or crook, even by creating fake media scenes, issues, narratives...which will fool the gullible electorate of India.

Author — yogini hoshing


He is a loose canon, he needs to think about betterment of the nation instead of winning elections and proving himself at pitches.!!

Author — pramukh rawal


Lateral entry will bring fortune surely.

Good Mind. Appreciate it.

Author — Ravinz Grewal


The lallantop yeh Jo channel hai is channel ko hum log Dil se support karenge

Author — Imran Khan


Prashant is great, I hope Bihar is blessed with such leader I hope he will make his desire fulfill

Author — Abhishek Singh


Bihari vo bhi mathematician . Applied mathematics in politics.

Author — Dewanand Sahu


इतना खुलकर बेबाकी से किसी भी राजनेता को बात करते नहीं देखा। बहुत ही ज्ञानवर्धक लगा। Thanks to THE LALLANTOP

Author — भारतीय संदेश


I stopped watching news channel just Because they started behaving like a Reality shows or TV serial The Lallantop and The Hindu App are the only two ways to get the news Thanks Lallantop and never Change Your Simplicity

Author — PLYWING


i just came here to judge this person, but leaving as a fan.

Author — atharv singh


प्रशांत जी भगवान करे आपको बिहार के लिए अच्छा करने का मोका मिले कल के बिहार का भविष्य का सीएम है।

Author — shivshakti electricals


गाँधी ने जो कह दिया, कर दिया वही सही था।
ये सुनकर दिल खुश हो गया की मैं भी सही हूँ गांधी के बारे में।

Author — Explore with Me


Pura interview dekha maza aa gya, nichod ye h ki ek aadmi pura bharat k rajniti ko apne anguthe pr rkhta h,

Waise mai inse(PK) bht prabhavit huya..

Author — Purushottam Kumar


I came after the Delhi Elections. He sounds pretty reasonable.

Author — imri haque


I m watching this interview after the 2019 election result. I must agree that the prediction of this man from priyanka gandhi to jagan reddy is absolutey true. He is genius.

Author — Prasenjit Das


Socha tha pura nahi dekhunga but way of your questioning made him excited to elaborate in detail about his vision done Saurabh also impressed with mr. prashant's vision lateral entry, youth in politics...behtarin.

Author — Pawan Dixit


द्विवेदी पहली बार आप पर कोई भारी पड़ा है. बेहतरीन interview sir

Author — Vikash Khichar


This guy is good! He is right about the system and lateral entry. He feels the pain of the system. I wish he could be my advisor.

Author — Jai Vrat Singh