The 10 Things That All Flat Earthers Say

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The 10 Things That All Flat Earthers Say 4.5

So it's been a minute since I made my response to the Globebusters, and for two months now I've had to listen to flat earthers spew the same nonsense in the comment section of that video, day after day. Now that I'm intimately familiar with their most popular and most ridiculous talking points, I thought I would put them all together in one clip for a vigorous debunking.

My original flat earth video:

My response to the Globebusters:

How to actually calculate earth's curvature:

Proving that moonlight is not cold:

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Who went to the comments to try and find a flat-earther?

Author — computer.


"Oceans can't do this because they don't have wings"

*Taking notes*

Author — Pedro Guerrero Ribeiro


Dear professor Dave,

Lots of people doesn't even know me, and still say I suck. I want to thank you for your support, I really appreciate it.

With love

Author — Netman648


Flat Earther logic: "If i don't understand it then it must be fake"

Author — StepOne


I am distraught that it's necessary to explain all of this to grown adults.

Author — jmaniak1


First I would like to say I did not go past the high school level and I was rather weak in science. When I first watched flat earth videos, it made a lot of sense to me and I actually doubted the globe model. Thank you for this video--everything you said made perfect sense and brought me back to reality. I just unsubscribed to Globebusters and subscribed to you instead...

Author — William Inman


Hi Professor Dave. I took the time to translate the subtitles of this video to french so that it hopefully can touch more people. I tried to stay as close as possible to the tone and spirit, even if translation doesn't always allow it. Happy to help. Thanks for your great job.

Author — Luc Baurant


Who else gets triggered just by thinking about flat earth arguments

Author — songbird


"Moonlight is cold"
*Everyone with 6th grade scientific education has left the chat*

Author — Max Acevedo


Flat Earthers are growing. They now have people all around the globe!

Author — Scarlett Orec


The dislikes are actually thumbs-up from people on the opposite side of the globe.

Author — 1st Degree Legacy


I think all flat eurthers have dry eyes. in their world, water cannot remain on a sphere.

Author — Spleetje


Why would the government "brainwash" people to believe the earth is round?
What would be the actual point?
Why am I getting frustrated at a group of people who believe that there is an infinite ice wall that surrounds the earth?

Author — Tom Fergusson


Imma give the ocean Red Bull. Then we’ll see who’s right.

Author — ok duo


I’m 13 and sitting here wondering how dumb can people be ahahahha

Author — Leon Smith


If the Earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

Author — zephiloyd


I can't believe you had to actually say oceans do not have wings.

Author — Michael Kuang


Flat Earther: show me water sticking to a ball.
Me: (pokes them in their eye)

Author — Bennie van Eeden


Am I the only person that also said, “Vacuums don’t suck.”

Author — Callan Lavallee


Round earther (a person with a brain): Gravity.

Flat earthers: and that’s just a theory. A Dumb Theory. Thanks for not doing your own research.

Round earther: ?

Also 8:46 anyone remember bill wurtz?

Author — Reginald 89