The 10 Things That All Flat Earthers Say

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So it's been a minute since I made my response to the Globebusters, and for two months now I've had to listen to flat earthers spew the same nonsense in the comment section of that video, day after day. Now that I'm intimately familiar with their most popular and most ridiculous talking points, I thought I would put them all together in one clip for a vigorous debunking.

My original flat earth video:

My response to the Globebusters:

How to actually calculate earth's curvature:

Proving that moonlight is not cold:

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Guys don’t call flat earthers idiots.

It’s offensive to idiots.

Author — Indigos Inc


i love how he simultaneously uses science terms and equations but also babies them. here is the formula for earth’s curvature, but also the ocean doesn’t have wings. it’s so entertaining.

Author — Chloe Selvey


I am not a flat earther but I just realized this is exactly the correct level of explanations I need to understand physics 😂 Please do more ”physics for idiots” videos 😂😂

Author — E O


“The ocean doesn’t have wings” that fact that we need to explain to another human is insane in my mind

Author — Salt


I love Flat Earthers because they make me feel better about myself

Author — Luis Alfonso Cecilio


Flat earthers use big, scientific words they don't understand just because they think it makes them sound more photosynthesis

Author — Trevor Day


Dave's Laws:
1. Birds and insects have wings. Oceans do not have wings.
2. Water curves.
3. Vacuums do not suck.

Author — Cody Greenland


"Oceans can't do this because oceans don't have wings"

That was as unexpected as hilarious to hear in such a serious tone 😂

Great video 🤟

Author — G P


People in the 1950's: "In the future, we'll have flying cars!"

Future: "10 reasons the earth is not flat"

Author — Slomix


“The ocean doesn’t have wings”. Had me doubled over. Kudos for taking precious time to explain basic science that people should already know.

Author — Joseph Loete


To quote an amazing quote I saw, “It’s like playing chess against a pigeon. Doesn’t matter how good at chess you are, the pigeon is just going to knock all the pieces over, shit on the board, declare itself the winner, and fly away.”

Author — ZyroSkillz


My partner’s dad is a flat earther, whenever we try to bring up things like this, he just says that gravity and math doesn’t exist

It’s ridiculous and annoying

Author — stink


Vaccum doesn't suck, flat earthers do.

Author — William Mathew


"Oceans don't have wings."
I've been living a lie.

Author — BK Films


A Flat earther is the type of person to climb a glass wall to see what's on the other side.

Author — Union Paper vol 1


if earth is flat, explain why there are no slimes spawning.

edit: why is this comment getting so many likes
edit2: stop pls
edit3: omg stop

Author — Rafelandroid2


"oceans cant do this because oceans dont have wings"

Imagine actually having to explian this to people XD

Author — Khurgar


“No one on earth is upside down”
Australians: my life has been a lie

Author — Austin Does Videos


POV: You are ACTUALLY trying to find flat earther replies and all you're getting is people saying "POV: You're looking for flat earther comments"

Author — Blue Cheetah


Best explanation, ever. This video should stand as a tutorial for flat earth debunkers.

Author — John McGee