'Stay at home!': Italian mayors send emotional plea to residents — video

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'Stay at home!': Italian mayors send emotional plea to residents — video 5
Town, city and regional mayors have been sending emotional pleas to residents to stay indoors after witnessing people flouting a nationwide lockdown by going jogging, playing ping pong and taking 'exhausted dogs' for long walks.
The appeal came as the Italian government banned any travel inside the country and closed all non-essential businesses as it desperately tries to stem the spread of a coronavirus 

This is how the mayors of Bari, Messina, Lucera, Gualdo Tadino, the Governor of Campania, and the mayor of Reggio Calabria have addressed their constituents

The Guardian YouTube network:

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I'm Italian and just want you to know that the major who is talking about the haidressers also says : " the hairstyle is useless since none is seeing you because the coffin is going to be closed" 🤣

Author — Antonio D'Ambrosio


I'll send police with flamethrower to your parties😂.

Author — muffinman1


"This is not a film, you are not Will Smith" LOL!!

Author — Veilfire


49% Scolding
51% Hand movements
10000% Italian

Author — wagnar


I like the whole flamethrowers for people having parties idea.

Author — Ria Das


The one who wants to send the Police with flamethrower is Vincenzo De Luca. In Italy he is called "The sheriff", you can imagine why. His way of speaking is hilarious, really.

Author — Fede Re


"I saw someone happily jogging along with a visibily exhausted dog.
I told him this is not a movie,
And you are not will smith from 'I am legend'
now go home" that killed me 🤣🤣.

Author — Mohamed Ahmed


The translation is so censored and horrible. They spoke much worse and used much worse language.

Author — D G


It's a beautiful thing to see how much the mayors care for their people.

Author — Rose


These mayors all sound like pissed off dads when their kids screw up. Pray and hope Italy can beat this thing very soon.

Author — jeezyvan


“People are dying, don’t you understand? You’ll make me ill too, from heartache.”

We all felt that.

Author — Owen Wexler


FYI: if you listen carefully, the elderly one, says "Carabinieri" and they translated it in a generic "Armed police", actually we have in italy 3(more, but it's not relevant) different public security insitution: Polizia di Stato (the actual Police), it directly depends on the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior and takes care of preventing crimes by performing a patrol function on the streets of the various cities. In addition, it takes care of maintaining order during events of any kind(Riot Police that we call "Celere" for the really fast charges on the rioters); Guardia di Finanza (it can be translated in "Guardian of finance")
and the Guardia di Finanza is a military police force, an integral part of the Italian armed forces, but directly dependent on the Minister of Economy and Finance, It deals with everything related to financial and economic crimes; and finally Arma dei Carabinieri, It is a military police force with general competence and in permanent public security service, dependent on the general commander and the chief of staff of the defense, due to its peculiar connotation of military police force and general competence, it is entrusted with numerous tasks. Originally born as a department of the Italian army, in the 2000s it became an autonomous armed force and numerous highly specialized special departments are part of the Carabinieri Corps (ROS - GIS - NAS - hunter squadron).

Author — ArtanisIlGerarca


"You'll have coronavirus in your hair instead of hairspray!"

Author — JoJo Augustine


These mayors are awesome. “You are going to make me ill from heartache” (Italian guilt) Forza Italia! 🇮🇹

Author — Diana Theocharis


Calm mayor: We'll send the police
Kids: and do what? disperse?, fine? arrest?
Mayor: Fire & Blood.

Author — Erick L


😂😂😂 we'll send armed police with flamethrowers 😂😂😂

Author — Sagittarius A*


“If someone is going to your house, they came to my house and has been to other peoples houses to do our hair you will have coronavirus in your hair instead of hairspray” I’m dead 😂😭😭😭 these mayors are going innnn, but for real people are being selfish and wondering why the deaths are increasing when they aren’t complying with the government

Author — Taetae :p


Dear Italians,
You are beautiful people with a beautiful country who speak a beautiful language.
Please stay at home and don't let all this beauty rot.
Sincerely, a guy from Israel.

Author — Shay


The flamethrower guy and the hairdressers guy are already legends

Author — Curse The Sky


"You're not Will Smith from I am Legend" lmao

Author — PeePee PooPoo