Floyd Mayweather goes toe-to-toe with Brian Kenny on SportsCenter | ESPN Archives

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Floyd Mayweather goes toe-to-toe with Brian Kenny on SportsCenter | ESPN Archives 5
In May 2009, Floyd Mayweather Jr. went toe-to-toe with his old friend Brian Kenny on SportsCenter in this hotly contested interview, touching on retirement, Oscar De la Hoya and potentially facing Manny Pacquiao.

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"The man with many traits.. Master of nothing" 😂😂😂💀💀💀💪

Author — ItzYaBoi Money


Floyd Mayweather is quite articulate for a guy who's functionally illiterate.

Author — Lord Luke Lightbringer


Dang when mayweather brought up his income that hurt brians ego

Author — LoUDoG_SLiddNN


Floyd: “you job don’t pay like my job”

Bezos: “hold my amazon”

Author — Christian Bundy


*51-0 this interview counts as a knockout*

Author — Textual Predator


“Your job don’t pay like my job pay” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 still love this in 2020

Author — Forever /// No Love Ent


This moron just said Floyd got "full credit" for beating Oscar yet just a couple minutes earlier he was downplaying it saying it was split decision.

Author — youngbuck0911


Brian out here looking like Mel Gibson's younger brother

Author — TheMakeshiftHero


Had this reporter been talking to Tyson, he'd need to hire 24 hour security detail.

Author — Phillip Hanson


“He beat Cotto?, and cotto beat him? All these guys beating eachother but nobody has beaten floyd mayweather”😂

Author — Eazh_doubleLs


I love how Floyd is concerned with one thing and one thing only The way a business man should be. As many boxers that have been exploited over the years, it’s nice to see a boxer win on the financial side and get out healthy. He’s a lot smarter than ppl give him credit for.

Author — Robert Smith


Floyd: "who beat me?"
Brian: "nobody"
Floyd won there

Author — Muamer Blazevic


one of the reasons why Floyd went undefeated was because he never fell for the pressure of people egging him on like this, he controlled his own destiny

Author — Mac Book Pro


The reason Brian looks like the dummy here is cause hes trying to hard.

Author — jonathan


If this was face to face interview, Brian would be speaking to him completely different🤦

Author — DenzelYT


Most epic interview of all time, I look at this when I got a job interview, or a hard test, confidents all over this

Author — Bill Walsh


“A belt don’t make me” -Floyd Mayweather

Author — Kev v


BK :"Mosley isn't a bigger ppv attraction than marquez???"

Floyd: "marquez got a whole country behind him a country"

BK face after floyd just shut him up is priceless

Author — Dervy Herrera


Came back to the past cause you can’t have interviews like this anymore because everyone gets their feelings hurt

Author — Mario Cedillo


Floyd: Who’s beat me??
Brian: Nobody

50-0 I fw Floyd attitude

Author — No Mercy_1