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Welcome to Charlies Diary We are doing a Formation series, where almost all formations are broken down and tested or atleast the famous ones... in this video we see how the WM formation works and we emulate part of it to top eleven... The WM Formation was deviced by HERBERT CHAPMAN in the year 1930 with arsenel and he devolopped the formation to a pretty impressive one... we will see how the WM formation works and what is special about this by comparing the same with various well known formations... mainly 442 4231 and 451...
the WM formation is emulated in top eleven and the tactics are also set to play against a 8% higher team in a test match... Enjoy the video...

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Omg whats your keepers skills pls post. Hes a legend

Author — That Rose


How should arrows be set on your players when using this formation?

Author — Adam Spence


It's been doing wonders against high percentage teams.. thanks to u bro..but to perfect it I would like to know if v should implement hard tackle n man mark..
As well as no offside as v r playing to hear from u

Author — Insp Siva


What focused passing should you use for this ?

Author — Lee Haynes


I really love your videos, they're really helpful. I can tell you know a lot about football tactics aside from Top Eleven. Anyway, have you ever tried W-W instead? I mean: 2 /DC DC)- 3 (DL-DMC-DR) -2 (MC MC) - 3 (AML-AMC-AMR). You can also use an ST instead of an AMC. Italy played with this formation in the '30s and won two World Cups and the Olympics. It was called "metodo". I'd like to hear your opinion on it. Keep up the good work!

Author — Dario De Santis


Bro~how is going to team mentality? How do i use mentality when i facing higher opponent?

Author — Fl4ᴍe 31


Bro, can i add 2 special abilities tp a single player. If yes, how can i do that?.. And i'm also facing that bug while changing the formation in between the matches, you're not alone.

Author — Satwick Kancharana


i lose 3 time at event cause my enemy this formation. how to the counter wm formation?

Author — Aji Pendaki


Will it do well against 4-1-2-3..coz I will be facing my opponent with similar overall quality but he have 2 mutants (amc & aml)

Author — Amir Rul


Testing today against a 144, 8 % team who plays 451v. I'm 128 %. I'll re-schuffle though. Playing 32221 the wingers will play as second strikers. Defensive mentality, focus passing mixed, passing short, force counter attacks off, pressing low, tackling hard, marking zonal, offside trap off. Will report back after the game.

If it doesn't work I'll move up my MCs to AMC position and play long passing.

Author — SandroMagna



Focus attack on middle or flanks?

Author — trevon ko


I use formation no lose my team 5-6star
To day
League 1 no lose no draw goal 80+
Champion leauge top8 no lose (lose2(group))
Cup top4 no lose draw1

My formation team
4-3w-(3aml-st-amr) no lose goal 3-10
he star 50%-95%
all match defense or normal or attack

4-1-(2mc)-(2aml-amr) 1 no lose goal 2-10
he star 50%-105%
all match definitely or normal

4-3w-1-2 no lose (draw1(cup)) goal 2-8
he star 50%-95%
all match normal

4-2n-3w-1 no lose goal 2-4
he star 70%-90%
all match normal or attack

4-2n-(2amr-aml)-2 no lose goal 2-8
he star 60%-89%
all match normal or defense

4-1-(2w-n)-1-2 (lose2(4-4-2)group) goal 2-8
he star 80%-100% or (50%-79% no lose)
all match defense or normal or attack

4-4-2 no lose goal 1-8
he star 50%-90%
all match normal or defense

I am thailand

Author — Nurdeen Salaeh


This formation can work well against 451v?

Author — Adonis


Video idea - types of 4-2-3-1 formation

DEFENSIVE variant - midfield of 2DMC+ML+MC+MR

OFFENSIVE variant - midfield of 2MC+AML+AMC+AMR

Author — Paul K Sunny