Weegee Talks - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 2 (Battle Tendency)

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Told you it was coming, happy one year anniversary.

The highly anticipated continuation is finally here. Today I talk about my favorite part of JoJo's, Battle Tendency, and how great it really is. See ya in part 3 next year.

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“And your next line is: Where’s Part 3?”

Author — Nincity


"We might have part 5 by the time but we know that wont be the case"

Little does he know

Author — Crowley


Part 1, outro was Roundabout

Part 2, outro was Roundabout but an 8-bit cover

Everyone wants Part 3 outro to be you doing a slide whistle cover of Roundabout

Author — Sickmmaner


I guess after Kars took the red stone he turned into

kars 2

Author — The Knight


Also known as

Fight me.

Author — Lucian


1:15 This has aged Horribly but in a good way

Author — PabloTheCommunist


Very well then, I will return to this channel on the 13th of January 2019, see you then

Author — Ihasnotomato


Pillarmen didn't know Lisa Lisa had the stone. Only ACDC knew that. You act like it's a plothole but it isn't. Pillarmen didn't know where the stone was. So Wamuu went to Greece, looking for stone, Cars went to Switzerland to establish their base of operation and ACDC was searching the stone in Italy. ACDC investigated and found a "woman who lives on an island near Venice and wears a huge red stone". He didn't even know Lisa Lisa was a hamon user. He was just investigating island for possible location of the stone.

Author — Keş Orangutan


Watching this, I feel like you would be the best Dungeon Master ever.

Author — Just a Normal Cat


When you do the next part Weegee, say "Orangustand!"

If you guys watched episode 7 of part 3, you'll know what I mean.

Author — Sickmmaner


>"using the red stone of Aja, which he picked up SOMEHOW"
>literally see him grab the stone when he runs from Kars

Author — Logan Walker


"best part of JoJo's bizarre adventure" just wait til part 7

Author — Slav McSlavington


He evolved into Kars 2. His power is eatin beans

Author — Jaswaneon


The reason why Wamuu, Kars and Esidisi were trapped in Rome as apposed to Mexico is because the three of the travelled to Europe in search of the Aja stone and were eventually trapped there by Ancient Hamon weilders. They left Santana behind in Mexico because he was too weak and stupid to be useful to them. Also although Wamuu is technically the weakest his talent in battle actually puts him closer to an equal with the other pillarmen he's only lower on the food chain because he is younger and loyal to Kars.

Author — Marche


My only problem with this part is that the romance with Susie Q seemed forced

Author — Cheezus Christ



Author — Vincent Lam


I wonder how many people will be featured in the
"Where's part 3?"
Joke that will be in the video

Author — CristianConLaH


Weegee- “Maybe I’ll have part 5 to talk about. But we all know that isn’t happening”
This aged horribly

Author — Malbo


Can’t wait for the part 3 talk in 2027!

Author — Marty McScarty


on twitter, weegee stated that "due to poor work ethic", the video couldn't be uploaded on jan. 13, 2019. But rest assure because he also stated that the video will becoming, (soon, perhaps) just not as planned.

Author — something something javi