Cross Wind 75Kmh Birmingham airport

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Cross Wind 75Kmh Birmingham airport 5

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Great this is all included in the ticket price! 😂 Nice filming btw., not easy in this kind of wind! 👍

Author — LEJ.approach/dvldi


Pilots deserve a medal. ..great filming as always thanku love an god bless x

Author — Wendy Raymond


Nice control, in very difficult conditions

Author — AndyF1 Mac


Very good Pilot !! Top landing in very stressful condition !!

Author — Alfiere Lusso


I love the smoke out of these Turbofans! :)

Author — KnifeGuy375


And going off yesterday's posts amazing shots and what's more amazing is the fact that so many people thought this was another airport when it clearly said Birmingham even Shanghai was mentioned lol

Author — Steve Holmes


great capture but look at the front wheels looks like there is two people running alone with her stay safe see ya

Author — Bene C


Elwyn what a superb performance from this pilot I bet he needed new underwear after that landing these strong winds are bloody awful for pilots passengers scream and grip anything they can me I love the take offs and landings the rest of the flight is boring and what you have to remember is the pilots want to land safely I used to shout yeha but my ex went mental at me😂😂😂👍

Author — Jimbo jimbog