Lems Barefoot Boot? - (CUT IN HALF) - Minimalist Lems Shoe Review

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Lems Boulder Boot Review - What are barefoot shoes? They are an interesting take on minimalist footwear that have a lot of criticism and speculation around them so i bought a pair of lems shoes most popular boots to cut them in half to see how they are made and why they are so comfortable.

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I’m glad you’ve got an “honesty is the best policy” thing going on man, a sign of a good channel :)

Author — Lucas Grenda


I’ve switched to all minimalist shoes this year. I own a couple Vivobarefoot shoes including a pair of their boot. It would nice to see Vivobarefoot shoe be split in half

Author — man hands


It would be nice if sponsors would comment on your assessments and the reasons behind construction/materials decisions and other constraints.

Author — ck m


The reason minimalist shoes are so comfortable is because your feet are the most comfortable when naked.

Author — Bird Brain


Have you considered cutting into lifting shoes and or lifting belts? Belts in particular have some boutique type brands like Pioneer Leathercraft and Best Belt and theres the $250+ behemoth SBD belt (which costs so much primarily due to its patented clasp system) and some classic ubiquitous brands like Inzer (who allegedly use board stock in their $100+ belt!). Shoe wise the variations are endless, but you would be drawing a crowd from powerlifting, olympic lifting, crossfit and so forth since we all wear lifting shoes and all wear belts. Your unbiased knowledge would be awesome.

Author — nodnarb


I hike ALL THE TIME in my Lem's... All kinds of terrain and weather. You just have to condition your feet

Author — Scares Bears


I see these contemporary "innovations" and am continually reminded of the Earth Shoes of the 70's. Same design. Flat, no or negative heel, wide and high toe box. "There's nothing new under the sun."

Author — Mr C


I'm surprised no one has mentioned Altra shoes/boots yet. I love their running shoes and have a pair of their hiking boots for work. They are the original zero-drop brand, and they are very comfortable while also being supportive. They do strengthen your calf and foot muscles due to the positioning of the foot when the muscle is activated. Its basically a deeper stretch and starting position.

Author — Jeff Locke


I'm happy for how fast your channel is growing and congrats on the sponsor! I like that you're being super honest. Hope you get many more sponsors!

Author — Janessa


I own a pair of Thursday and I have seen other videos on YouTube tearing them up. However, none of those channel gave me assurance of honesty like you do usually. I really hope to see Thursday boots captain or their shoes

Author — JS K


I really appreciate your commitment to honest reviews, it's why I subbed in the first place. Please keep it up.

Author — Maxwell Carter


Hey Rose Anvil, I'm a new subscriber. I started watching because I wanted to learn how to care for the leather jacket, and a pair of Ariat cowboy boots I recently bought. I've binge watched a bunch of your videos these last couple of days, and I love how you cut them in half and analize them completey. I've learned a lot from your videos. A cheep video idea that I think would interest a lot of people including myself would be to test more leather conditioner. One in particular I would love to see is how Bick 4 leather conditioner compares. Keep up the awesome vids!

Author — SpartanSlayer130


You said you did rock climbing, it would be really interesting to properly see how rock climbing shoes are put together. I am personally a big fan of Tenaya's performace shoes with their tounge and closure system!

Author — Snus Extrodinare


I love the concept of taking a shoes an breaking it down to show objectively how good the materials are and leaving no room for bias!

One thing I would love to see is a review on the shoes design (how construction affects life quality and feel on foot). Something i've learned is that good components does not always make for a good product. You did an amazing job of this when explaining the purpose of a steal shank in a boot and why it's important. A possible way of approaching this may doing a life stress test?

I would love to see how all these small aspects come together to make these amazing shoes we all know and love. Thank you for the amazing content!!!

Author — brandon vukeles


Another great video ! Man I like most other people really had no idea how important comfortable shoes are until I developed morton's neuroma.After that any tight shoes were absolute murder on my foot.Hoping barefoot shoes catch on more and they make some that actually look good :D

Author — Ciel Vert


I love Lems shoes, and I have a pair of these boots in the blue and brown color and wear them frequently. They are so comfy and I also get compliments on their appearance. My main criticism is the tread - when they were new, whenever I walked on gravel, the grooves were the exact width to get little pebbles stuck in them. It happens less now that it's been worn down so much. I also have the Lems Primal 2s and haven't had as many issues with stuck pebbles with those shoes. The pebble problem isn't going to keep me from buying more of these though.

Author — coracle


Never heard of Lems before, super interesting.

Author — Blaise Arwyn


These were the shoes recommended when I had plantar fasciitis, all I can say is they worked in my getting rid of my foot problem. They are super comfy and have stood up They do take getting use to, and it was recommended to only wear them for a few hours each day until your feet and legs adjusted to walking on what will feel like bare feet. Once you do get adjusted they feel fine. Very light! Cheers and thanks for the in depth video. M.

Author — MikeR


I like the concept of these, especially as someone with wide feet. The things that I would change would be to get rid of the liner and to make them in literally any other country in the world other than China. I would naturally think to say that I would like these to be stitched in some way to make them more durable, but that also might have the effect of making them less flexible, which would normally be good, but for these that is going against the purpose.

Author — markalexander774


Congrats on getting some sponsorship! It’s always rewarding to see good content creators getting the attention and support they deserve

Author — Lee Cheneler