'What does the Left have to offer?' Dinesh D'Souza gives a Brilliant answer, gets standing ovation

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'What does the Left have to offer?' Dinesh D'Souza gives a Brilliant answer, gets standing ovation 5
"What does the Left have to offer?" Dinesh D'Souza gives a Brilliant answer, gets standing ovation

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Right wing person: "We don't agree....let's discuss...."
Left-wing person: You racist, sexist, xenophobic, blah blah blah blah...."

This is the party that is more "accepting" and "embraces you disagree....

Автор — Tall Paul Huebner


Yeah what does the left have to offer?
Higher taxes, unemployment, restricted speech, more crime and excessive government spending.

Автор — Michael Rostine


What does the Left have to offer? Faux kinship and moral superiority without morality.

Автор — Brian Preston


Illegal immigrants feel entitled. Illegal immigrants are the lefts base.

Автор — Conservative Californian


In the last twenty years, over two billion people have been lifted out of the most abject poverty you can imagine. How did that happen? Let's check the score. Capitalism two billion, Socialism 0. You ask what the Left has to offer ... at best nothing, at worst ... mass starvation. I'ts happened before and it will happen again. Lest we forget.

Автор — Thomas Gassett


Build a wall and toss the demoncrats over to the other side.

Автор — Anon Mouse


Remember The DemocRats Are The Evil In America!

Автор — jodeluna62


"What does the left have to offer?". Stalin, Mao, Ceaucescu, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, lies, coverups, hunger, oppression, etc.

Автор — Sandy Degener


Has Dinesh and Ben Shapiro ever been in the same room together? I would like to see that.

Автор — LeRoy Boxley


Just finished watching "Death of a Nation" what a powerful and frightening movie. If you really want to know what the left has in store I strongly suggest you watch that movie.

Автор — crosshillbb


This makes sense. I couldn't believe the reaction I saw after the election in 2016, but this helps me to understand it. The left thought they were about to wrap it all up; but it didn't happen and they lost their damn minds.

Автор — James Allen


The elephant in the room say's i remember when the black community had mothers and fathers bringing up respectful obedient children who studied hard and did well in school the black fathers worked hard in their jobs away from home and harder in the job of making little boys and girls into respectful hard working God fearing adults, the elephant also remembers that blacks were treated differently and were segregated in every aspect of American life who did not have all the opportunity as the white people but more often than not they made their own opportunity, the elephant can not understand how and why the cavil rights movement took all that goodness away from the black community and replaced it with welfare and the soft bigaitory of low expectations, to this day we see the races separating of there own accord and only leftist and rabid liberals are trying to force the races to be together when all races clearly do not want to co mingle yes some of the people do, the elephant in the room do not forget were crap started to go bad . The elephant in the room thinks it started with school teachers and collage professors teaching ideology of socialism and communism over capitalism and the bill of rights that stands for every citizen of the US regardless of race religion or sex ... Equal opportunity never will mean equal outcome because every American citizen has their own life to do with as they want to chose and act as they see fit and are as unique as our finger prints, and to think and treat a race of people as special and need special preivlages and protection is racist to that group by saying it is ok you did not do well in this or that because we all know it is another group of people that kept you from achieving the best . might as well say to them you are weaker than them, so we will make everything ok . God how humiliating how condescending to them, that the government had to make laws stating so much of a % of this race of people must have that particular job regardless of merit and ability, how can a person go to work every day knowing they got the position not by merit but by color of skin they must think the other worker's know that they were not the best person for the job and the others will have to take up the slack, why haven't we done the same in professional sports ?? or maybe a person is making a product but it is not as safe as the others not as well made as the others but hay a minority made it so we must buy it out of fairness, because this society will work when everyone dose their best and everyone finds their best place to be were winners and looses are not determend by government but by the merit of those doing and receiving I want the best pro football players entertaining me Sunday just like i want the best fire fighters saving my family and i could give a rats ass on color race religion or sex i want the best entertainment and the best service

Автор — Billy Holmes


I imagine being a janitor in one of these liberal colleges and one day I accidentally let some student know of my conservative ideas... by the end of the week I'm out of a job for sure, cuz these Pricks walk around in life trying to get people fired just because they don't think like them they say Trump is a Nazi but they behave like a very real fascist

Автор — Nestor Alegre


Dinesh is right. Take overs:
Unis, Schools, corporations, Media, Boy Scouts, Churches, Sport, The Arts, Family, Marriage.
The Invasion. Resist.

Автор — Peter Jongsma


Nothing....lol that’s what they have to offer. Everything is what they will take.

Автор — Joel Olsteen


Thanks again, True liberty, for airing these seminars. Dinesh is tops at them. I hope the youth of his audiences understands his intentions.

Автор — joe quillun


Dinesh is absolutely correct and if the Democrats actually had the moral high ground it might have worked. Obviously they were so over confident that they thought Hillary or Bernie would be a slam dunk. They knew that even though Bernie was more popular in their big city strongholds he suffers everywhere else. So they anointed the most unlikable person on the planet as their candidate. Then they added insult to injury with the most tasteless attack ads ever. Seriously that's what drove me away from the Democrats, I was literally insulted by those ads. How can you claim superiority in any way when your ads are an affront to the intelligence of your audience? Now I'm glad they did that because it's what woke me up and got me looking into what they were actually doing. Don't get me wrong I still see how infested the Republicans are with Mitt Romney types. It's just now I can't stand Democrats either, at least the Republicans were honest enough to not cheat Trump and let him win. The never Trump types are as dishonest and whiny as their thin skinned Democrat snowflake counterparts. I know Trump has played the game masterfully and realize just how smart and patient he really is. At any given time in DC he is the smartest guy in any room he's in. He may be imperfect but he has my vote and by default so do the rest of the Republicans. I hope they wise up and get behind him before they ruin their entire party again. If not there's a whole lot of people still sleepwalking to the polls to vote Democrat.

Автор — Rich S


The left is greedy for power and control, and wants it all so they can hand out the crumbs after they ruin our societies.

Автор — Mike Joyce


Dems are all about ruling over you. Cons are about rule over your own self.

Автор — Michael Phillips


It’s not just ‘the left’. It was globalism that thought ‘they had it’ and had succeeded. We are not just seeing young college students spewing some sociology info that they learn in school. We are also seeing an establishment, ‘elite’, etc., that thought ‘she would win’. Now that elite is being exposed. And they are not going down quietly.

Автор — Inisfad