Trump On Russia's Election Meddling: 'We're All To Blame'

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Trump On Russia's Election Meddling: 'We're All To Blame' 4.5
Donald Trump was a few feet away from the man who orchestrated an attack on American democracy. So, of course, he confronted Hillary Clinton.

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6:51--Did . . . did Vladimir Putin, who's usually as stone-faced as a Bond villain, not only just crack a smile at having dirt on Trump but LAUGH at it? Horror films for years to come won't be able to top how chilling that was. And this is our reality. Holy shit.

Автор — TheaterRaven


As a Canadian, I must say Donald Trump is the most idiotic, naive, uneducated President for a long while. He just does not understand how the Russians work. I was born in the former East-Germany under Russian occupation and escaped with my family in 1959 (just 2 years before the wall was built in Berlin). Angela Merkel also was born there and lived there until West-Germany and East-Germany unified. She knows the Russians methods. Even as a 12 years old I knew what Russian propaganda was all about. And Trump as a 70 year old does not have clue how the Russians work? Come on, how naive and stupid are you?

Автор — siggi zippan


Historically this is how Russia operates. take a country at odds with itself, fund and prop up a populist who stoked fears of foreigners, pump in propaganda into the country, and boom. they now own that country. that's how china became communist in the first place. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. But hey the penalty for treason is still hanging right?

Автор — Jehovah


Treason carries the death penalty. I want trump executed promptly upon conviction.

Автор — tom quigley


2:49 you know it's bad when even Fox News joins in the anti-trump action.

Автор — Anonymous Monkey


Do I respect Trump hardcore supporters? No, No I do not. I never will.

Автор — I M Infamous


Except the US was in fact partly responsible for Pearl Harbor - they had been (quite rightly) giving material support to the allies, and were essentially blockading the Japanese mainland.
Similarly, the US “interferes” in Russian domestic politics, foreign countries’ elections, and hacks foreign leaders’ emails - what do you think the NSA and CIA do exactly?

Автор — MJW238


What else does it take to LOCK HIM UP?

Автор — Mardan P.


even Foxnews called out the Orange Traitor on this one

Автор — Sleepy .Time


From The Washington Post...
"Trump just colluded with Russia openly"

Автор — jstnxprsn


A gif of Stephen Colbert twerking is what we all need in our lives right now.

Автор — Marsha King


What's pathetic is that if Khrushchev, Brezhnev, or Gorbachev had come out and said they tampered with American elections in the 80's or 70's we would have gone to war or damn close to it. Putin doesn't give a shit because he knows that Republicans won't do anything. They got what they want. Who cares if they sold America's soul to do it. At least they got those big tax breaks for the rich and they got to frak over the middle class as a bonus. Totally worth it. And you know what. They know this is still a problem at the local level. Ignore her e-mails and the DNC's servers. Multiple states have electronic voting machines with zero paper trail. That should be illegal but it won't be for the same reasons that gerrymandering still goes on and voter ID requirements are required: they favor Republicans.

Автор — Kellic AnonymousTiger


Wow! Even Fox News is expressing disapproval of Trump's performance.

Автор — lazyperfectionist1


Thanks for all the whining, er winning Trumptards !

Автор — Noah Vale


Are you, USA citizens, gonna take this??? Impeach the freak... Squeezes, how hard can it be?

Hell-Sinki. Well chosen city to expose themselves. Irony is always around the corner.

Автор — Jeroen Tel


Treason is a capital offence and is punishable by death.

Автор — Pringle Lays


I absolutely love you, I have the biggest crush on you. You imitate Donald Trump perfectly, you are a comedic genius and if you don't get an Emmy for your show you got rob. God bless

Автор — Patty Cake


He blames his own country and allies with a adversary. He fights his allies and gets cozy with our enemies. Republicans where are you?😂🤣

Автор — Abdi Mohamud


Spineless weak trump finally has a ball from Putin.

Автор — MyChilepepper


Drumpf relies on the ignorance, stupidity, naivete, and insecurities of his cultish fan base. Remember what he said: "You can pretty much say anything, and they'll believe it."

Автор — Oceans808