Archipelago Review - with Tom Vasel

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

Tom Vasel takes a look at heavy eurogame from Christopher Boelinger

00:00 - Introduction
01:21 - Game overview
10:21 - Final thoughts

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To all those who are hesitant or watching this out of curiosity, I bought this game after watching the SUSD review and it is excellent!  I would argue that while it appears to be a heavy Euro on the surface, at its heart it's a perfect mix of Euro and "Ameritrash" design.  The systems involved fit together smoothly, but there are so many things you are able to do that you don't really HAVE to do anything you don't want to.  You're free to play the game however you want and still have a decent shot at winning if you're smart and good at negotiating...SUSD even went so far as to say it involved a little bit of roleplaying, which I completely agree with.  The War & Peace expansion adds some more militaristic options without making the game overly combat focused, and overall the theme sticks to each mechanic flawlessly.  On top of that the pieces are just stunning.  Can't recommend enough :).  

Author — David W


What I really appreciate about Toms reviews is how open minded he is towards new games.

Author — Lyng


What a wonderful game :) combines my favourite mechanics.

Really happy I pulled the trigger on this one.

Author — TheTwyker


I had my eye on this, specially for the island tiles and how they look together. But oh my so many grids and things going on!

Author — Raphaelus13


Would be very interested in seeing your impressions of the Archipelago solo expansion, does it still work as a solitaire experience?

Author — TheFallorn


I played this game twice and its crazy, there way too much stuff that basically everyone have to work super hard just to not lose of rebel against several crisis in the same turn

Author — Siyano


Thanks Tom, I think you sold me on this!

Author — Michael Wißner


A great game, but you might get some looks of disbelief from the other players while teaching it.

Author — Isac Sandelin


I think because the title of the game is so bland, I kept overlooking this, but now that I've heard more about it, I'm quite intrigued.  This might be my bday present to myself this year.

Author — brian


Would be hilarious a few turns later if, after a few tiles were placed, the ships found out they were in the middle of an enclosed lake.

Author — MrRetroGnome


You don't tell them the endgame condition until it happens.

Author — RhinoBarbarian


this seems like a game that you set up at a table that wont bee needed for a few days

Author — Darkest Argentum


This makes Agricola look like Candyland. ;)

Author — Parthon


END GAME and VICTORY CONDITION should of been 2 dealt cards (Decoupled)

Author — John White


ar·chi·pel·a·go noun \ˌär-kə-ˈpe-lə-ˌgō, ˌär-chə, from Websters dictionary, multiple pronunciations.

Author — Hunter Shelburne


The only thing I don't like about your reviews is the annoying intro.

Author — dont normally


Where's your tie? I could not concentrate because I kepi thinking, what happened to the tie? He finally run out of ties?, is that even possible? xD

Author — Thai Beamonte


Sorry. My mistake. ;-) But if there are multiple pronunciations, just use the correct one... joke. hahaha

Author — OriginalNuckChorris


maybe don't scrape the microphone with velcro the whole video next time

Author — Brett Downey


man was this game crap. bulky, clunky art/style. Pretty terrible for a first time experience and overall pointless. Man board games have come a long way.

Author — DuraheLL