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Becoming immortal | VPRO documentary | 2018 4.5

Becoming immortal is now at hands reach, thanks to the latest technological innovations. Would you want to become immortal, even if that means preserving your severed head in a cryogenic tank? If aging is considered as a disease, then the cure is immortality. This is not a Black Mirror episode, this is VPRO Backlight: Becoming immortal.

Original title: De Onsterfelijken

Is eternal life reserved only for the rich or the lunatics of the earth? Silicon Valley is fascinated with the concept of overcoming death and rejuvenation. Billions are invested in becoming immortal. The idea is that when aging is considered as a disease, we can also develop a cure for dying and modify the natural lifecycle thanks to age reversing or anti aging therapy.

A tight community of scientists and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley bear an enormous source of daring capital, like Aubrey de Grey says: ““If you’re not pissing everybody off in this life, then you’re probably not making much of a difference”.
This community is also firmly convinced that our DNA can be cracked in what would becalled: The code of mortality, allowing us all to become immortal.

And if becoming immortal does not happen within their own life span, then it will certainly happen in the following years. Therefore many a millionaire has his own personal cryogenic tank ready for cryopreservation so they can be brought back to life after death. Whether it will be in material form or in the form of a software program (digital immortality) or as nanobots remains to be seen.

Some can not wait that long and use themselves as guinea pigs. All of them hope to become immortal.
The science in the field of life extension is a booming business. The question remains whether everyone can benefit from this groundbreaking knowledge and become immortal.

With: Aubrey de Grey (Scientist), Liz Parrish (Bioviva), Darren Moore (Millionaire) and Kathleen Ann Goonan (Science-fiction writer), Linda Chamberlain (Alcor).
Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2018.
© VPRO Backlight March 2018

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Directed by: Tomas Kaan
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

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Author — vpro documentary


if we spend 50% of the money spend on defence to longevity we would be immortal next week

Author — rauskimon


Sounds like a modern day movie of Pet Semetary.

Author — Erika


I'm a big supporter of life extension. Aging causes a huge number of medical complications, from cancers to dementia, loss of muscle and bone function. A horrible way to go.

Author — Ekaterina Valinakova


Everything was good until the insurance companies will come in to play..

Author — Mainor Murillo


You should have interviewed some more scientists.

Author — Sebastian Aguiar


There's an absolute difference between preservation & immortality. Gimmie a break🤣



Immortality is a cursed life it’s very depressing.
Immortality has been around for Millions of years.
Either by Potion or being born with some Immortal Gene.

Some believe the flood is why Humans life expectancies lowered by hundreds.
Noah only lived to 950 which is very young compared to most Immortals.

Author — Curtis Wayne


The idea of longevity as a cure seems more likely attainable than immortality.
Meantime, keep breathing.

Author — Micheal Rows


LMAO !! Alcor's got it made, you freeze corpses and wait for better days, it must be the best business in the world
if you can find enough smucks to actually pay

Author — Delon Duvenage


How can I die? I am the universe. This body is a small projection of me.

Author — xlioilx


if conscience can be digitalized I´m in for it!!!

Author — Alberto Enrique Guzman Febre


Lol they're preserving heads. Grandma was watching to much of Futurama.

Author — 1booman1


The Iife extension movement needs an Elon Musk. While all of the players I have seen do bring a lot to the table -we need someone with similar vision, charisma, resources and know how with this as their mission.

Author — drew4021


aubrey inherited 16 million. not billion

Author — Danny Rosenberg


imaginea if all great scientists like euler, gauss, newtow, tesla etc.. could live forever? we would already be living in other universes.

Author — Leonardo gonçalves


Its gonna be weird having people who are hundreds of years old looking the same as someone who is 20 years old. As a young person first going to a bar when they turned 21 you would walk in, see someone who looks like its their first time at a bar too and then talk to them to find out they have

Author — grahamyodude


$5, 000 to freeze a dog, , or only the head?/ gimme a freaggin break! I survived being in a diabetic coma in 1974 I was 19 and thought I'd be lucky to hit 30. I'm 60)+

Author — Willyblues Senkiwsky


It’s not immortallity, it’s delaying death indefinitely.
Also I love how they are freezing people down in the «desert».

Author — Bofnar Bøland


Little confused when the interviewer constantly feels the need to question the folks trying out experimental drugs. Are we not past the point of understanding that nobody wants to die? These people are pioneers for a dream. It really is annoying to see people having to explain that they are taking a drug because they want to be younger. Who the hell does not? You want to be 90 year old, decrepit and die?

Author — MustardOfTheUniverse