Captain Marvel: An Unbridled Meh

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Well, it looks as if the MCU has out done itself, like this ended up being double the length of the normal rant breakdowns but there is so much to lay out, hope you enjoy it folks ;) /

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The rudimentary research into space travel at light speed, amounts of solar systems and planets and all that is totally something I recommend people look into to get more accurate numbers, I just did a few google searches with Fringy and checked a couple of websites. It seems I might have underestimated the distances and made a few mistakes that makes it all seem smaller than it is but that would only make the overall point more relevant;

Light speed just aint gonna cut it, not by a long shot when it comes to travelling between galaxies.

Author — MauLer


My favorite part of this movie was when I was daydreaming about watching a different, better movie instead.

Author — Rags


"do you work out?"
"is that like a personal attack or something?"
no its a fucking question plank

Author — Memento mori


This whole movie is just “woman strong, man mean, woman win.”

Author — Sasuke wannabe Uchiha


"She's funny and smart"

*Name ONE SCENE when she is either funny, or smart*

Author — The Enigma


Captain America: We don't trade lives.

Captain Plank: I need a suicidal decoy.

Author — Mark Peterson


I was 58 minutes in when I realized this isn’t a ten min video

Author — Michael Haskins


You know how Coulson said that the Kree burned out Fury's eye in interrogation at the end. Now imagine if that actually happened and it was Carol's fault. He trusted her to help him and she failed and he lost an eye for it. Showing she has flaws and isn't the super cool, indestructible mary sue she is in this movie. Maybe he will still take the pager, but he won't be as friendly towards her as in the start. It would also make the "don't envoke her name" line make sense in Far From Home.

Author — Chrispy


I will never forgive this shoe-horned movie for ruining established facts in the MCU such as Thor being the first alien Fury and others encounter, Cap being the first avenger, Shield becoming S.H.I.E.L.D in Iron Man, and Fury losing his eye in an epic story.

Author — Kaito Spin


The only thing amazing in this movie is when they pay tribute to Stanley the legend R.I.P Stanley

Author — rizky haykal


can we just all agree that atleast a _few_ things from this movie should be noncanon?
namely fury's eye

Author — Pixelated Perfection


Surprised why they didn't just rename the character "Karen Danvers"

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


"She'll be the one that saves Tony, won't she?" I swear this man can see the future

Author — NicholAS VilstED


I've never seen Captain Marvel. Probably never will.
But I've watched this hilarious review about four or five times.
Such is the state of entertainment in 2021.

Author — TheJuRK


"you go girl" one line that would describe the entire movie

Author — Wuitwo Awui


"Strong" female leads where the hero is perfect and does everything perfectly with barely a struggle are ruining the strong female characters.

Author — juslab


Strong female CHARACTERS are better than STRONG FEMALE characters, know the difference

Author — GH0STD3LTA


I'd rather watch this again than watch the movie itself lol

Author — I Like Blue Skies


JJ Abrams when he saw this movie: "She flies now? Oh wait that's a great line, I think I'll use that later!"

Author — Daniel L.


Made a point not to see this movie solely based on Brie Larson’s attitude from interviews and media, but I watched this whole thing! Feel like I dodged a bullet

Author — TrailerPark Jim