Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About 'Voter Fraud': A Closer Look

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Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About 'Voter Fraud': A Closer Look 4.5

Seth takes a closer look President Trump becoming more lawless amid a power grab at the Justice Department and a recount in Florida.
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Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About "Voter Fraud": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Now that Matt Whitaker is acting Attorney General, he can finally destroy his arch nemesis Daredevil.

Author — KingOfMadCows


Every now and then I like to relax by watching notable speeches of past presidents. It is so nice to reminisce on times when decorum and the rule of law mattered.

Author — Squid SQuiddly!


He looks like a white supremacist Shrek....

Author — 2010realitycheck


Rural Americans have always traditionally been suckers for con-men, dating back to the snake oil salesmen of the 1800s, but Trump has taken their gullibility to a whole new level. Sad.

Author — Oh Yeah?


The Insane Clown President on his daily attention grabbing tantrum.

Author — Rick Bishop


Trump does not want to honor the veterans for the inconvenience of the rain, and he does not want to have the later arrival of veteran votes through mailing system too.
What a bonespur cadet.

Author — webster wu


The worse trumP gets, the funnier seth gets!

Author — Victoria Seeley


Appointee in trouble? I barely know him. Accusations against me? The accusers will be sued. Tough question? Attack the asker. Lackluster performance? Yuge success. Unflattering video clips? Fake news.

Author — Mimi M


Whenever somebody calls him out on something, he always interrupts them.

Author — Uchiha Wolf


I'd like to be a Trump White House appointee but I haven't committed a felony.

Author — Unity


My favorite part about the whining about all votes being counted in Florida is that a state judge just today had to tell all the conservatives to shut the hell up.

Author — Cool Calm Cam


Love how 1k people disliked this video out of 1m who have watched it. How does it feel to be in a 0.1% minority?

Author — Dantastic Sloth


"That's not chicken, that's alternative meatloaf" 😂😂😂

Author — RosySpeaks


Trump always blames other People for His Lies and crooked deeds!, , , so-sad!

Author — Darrell May


That dummy is always leaving that girl behind. She had better be glad it wasn't raining

Author — Ms Wineglass


Every day, the Trump administration grows increasingly unsubtle in their rampant corruption, and I imagine that sooner rather than later, they’ll drop the pretenses entirely.

Author — Heracross X


Yes, what a Patriot President who doesn’t want the Military’s absentee ballots counted.

And the signature not matching thing...when does ANYONE’s signature turn out the same on one of those screens as it does on paper with an actual pen...

Author — onelove


This Is the most intense episode of the Twilight Zone anyone could ever imagined"Trump zone".😲🤮

Author — mizrel61 mizrel61


It's sad that Trump has conned so many people to support him. Those people have no clue that Trump thinks that they are idiots.

Author — stheday1


What is disturbing is at 7:38 he forgot HIS WIFE. He lies about knowing his AG, he skips a memorial bc the doesn't want to get his hair wet, he comes back and stays home to watch Fox rather than paying his respects at Arlington yet his minions just worship him. This demented, mobster, liar, narcissistic psychopath said it right: He cant shoot someone in the middle of 5th AV but we wouldn't lose a vote! Sad for America

Author — Mr Touré