Gov. Andrew Cuomo Updates on NY Coronavirus Response | NBC New York

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Updates on NY Coronavirus Response | NBC New York 4.5

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo updates on the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.


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NY TOUGH Think SMART WE can get through this together

Author — The emerald minecart


You going to make me cry gov. CUOMO WHEN I HERE WHAT IS HAPPEN

Author — Lorraine Daniels





" We have to be SHMart." Fredo Coumo

Author — Hank Chinaski


Mr Cuomo it is the act of God. Do you know how many people are praying for this. You saying it again

Author — Sheela Thomas


Do you posters live in NY tell me where and do you pay taxes

Author — FlinchD


Thanks Cuomo for starting pneumonic plague called covid which by the way has same symptoms and xrays look the same. Thanks for not taking care of rat infestation that New Yorkers begged for and fell on deaf ears. New york is the hot spot for covid ie pneumonic plague. China was blamed so businesses would come back to America!

Author — Eye on art


Thank God, Como's of governor he's a real leader it's not like the president

Author — Thomas Vacco


This governor is a mass serial killer he killed over 5000 elderly in the nursing homes by placing infected patients into them he killed more people then the falling of the twin towers on 911 that’s not including all the late term abortions he should be brought up on charges for crimes against why aren’t people protesting in the streets

Author — Harry King


All of people fed up this long time shut down

Author — Mira Kan


Yesterday at Governor Cuomo’s daily press briefing on the COVID pandemic, Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor, remarked during the question and answer portion of the briefing that unions representing state workers agreed to defer their 2% raises for 2020 for 90 days. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Secretary to the Governor Mellissa Derosa “We did an across the board hiring freeze, We asked our labor brothers and sisters to forgo the increases in their salaries that were guaranteed by their contracts which they all agreed to do”

Contrary to her comments at the press briefing - AT NO TIME DID NYSCOPBA AGREE TO FORGO THE 2% RAISE FOR OUR MEMBERS!

When the Governor announced the deferrals on April 9, NYSCOPBA was quick to denounce the decision. NYSCOPBA filed a grievance and issued a press release. Our members, like thousands of other frontline workers, have been putting their health and the health of their families in jeopardy by coming to work each day as an essential employee. The State must recognize that, compensate our members accordingly and honor the current provisions of the contract

Author — Julian Blum