A journey through Medex 2017 @Govt Med Collg Tvm

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Enjoy and go on a journey exploring the biggest medical exhibition in India. "Medical Exhibition"? Ought to be boring 😜
But once we go for it, you would be surprised how time flew and how interesting Medex was.

About Medex
MedEx 2017, under the aegis of Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS), will showcase to the general public the practice and science behind modern day healthcare. The exhibition will also be part of the 65thAnniversary Celebrations of the host Government Medical College, the pioneering and one of the most prestigious seats of medical erudition in the state.
The exhibition showcases more than 1000 exhibits depicting normal to pathological variants, including original specimens, animation and videos, medical illustrations and posters, virtual and augmented reality shows, mega walks-ins and interactive learning devices- thematically organised and aesthetically designed. The specimens will reveal the original Human body and its internal organs, disease patterns, Sonological and Microscopic views, artifacts used in Forensic sciences.

Walk-ins include Human organ systems, replicas of procedural cabins like Operation theatres, intensive care units, transplantation units, forensic scenes etc. Molecular world of cells, Genetics will be presented through quality 3 D Animations.
The exhibition is jointly organised by the University of Health Sciences (KUHS) and the Students Union of KUHS and Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. The exhibition will also be part of the 65th Anniversary celebrations of the host Government Medical College.

Photos and Medex logo animation: Medex Facebook Page
Videography, Editing and Designing: George Zacharia

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Amazing effort manh!👍👍
Medex was a wonderful experience as a medico...missing those days!

Author — Mohammed Adeeb S


Good experience when I went to medex 💥💥💥💥, great work of medical student, professor and all of them . Thank you so much for making this video perfectly to watch the medex again and again .

Author — venkat arts