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1st Right of Reply by India at general debate of the 76th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 21 – 27 September 2021).

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) is the main policy-making organ of the Organization. Comprising all Member States, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter of the United Nations. Each of the 193 Member States of the United Nations has an equal vote.

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. Currently made up of 193 Member States, the UN and its work are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter.

The UN has evolved over the years to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

But one thing has stayed the same: it remains the one place on Earth where all the world’s nations can gather together, discuss common problems, and find shared solutions that benefit all of humanity.


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This is what UPSC teaches us. Proud to have such a brilliant lady in our country

Author — Chanchal


Goosebumps moment when she says, "The entire union territory of Jammu and kashmir and ladakh were, are and always be the integral part of india"❤🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — Manoj Singhal


One of the best example of "WOMEN EMPOWERMENT".
India needs more responsible officers like her.🙏

Author — Introvert


As I'm watching it on independence seriously feeling proud that whatever we are having (as Indians) is just brilliant!!!!

Author — twinkle_star


Being UPSC aspirant....this gave me goosebumps 🔥

Author — Unsettled soul


Proud to be an Indian, Good speach, and awesome home work of our honorable Diplomat.

Author — Syed Masood Hussain


This is what the UPSC CSE exam teaches. Great IFS officer

Author — SHIVUKUMAR marali


I travelled to more than 17 countries & worked in 4 countries.... But I couldn't find any country more beautiful than my INDIA 💕😘🇮🇳

Author — Nobita Nobi💁


"Pluralism is a concept which is very difficult to understand for Pakistan"

The lady is spitting the truth

Author — Booktok Audiobook


As an Indian, I am very proud of the way she represented India and made her case. God bless her soul.

Author — Vish Naik


"My Country" is the most appropriate synonyms for my country "India".

Jai Hind 💪💪

Author — P B


She is indeed India's asset .. proud to have such knowledgeable women in our country .. hoping more and more youth's and young generation people in our country learn from her ..🇮🇳

Author — Kamala Hemanth kumar


She is using my country instead of india .
Really proud of her patriotism,
Jai hind 🇮🇳

Author — hello


The most powerful speech in the history of India 🇮🇳..

Author — entertainment ka dose


I'm so proud of her. She is representing our country in the best way. May god bless her. India is the best country. 💚

Author — Sneha Thakur


I cried more than 7 time in a single view, , ❤️ proud to be indian.

Author — Veer Thakor


She proved that how strong an indian women is proud to be indian she deserves huge respect

Author — Ram Naik


"My country" what patriotism looks like.🇮🇳

Author — Rishi Jaiswal


We the people of Ladakh are always was, is and will be a proud Indian 🧡🤍💚 jai hind 🇮🇳

Author — Skalzang Dolma


While reading comments I felt tears in my eyes. Proud of you all 🇮🇳

Author — Ujjwal Fared