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Mongolia: A toxic warning to the world - BBC News 4.5

All over the world cities are grappling with apocalyptic air pollution but the small capital of Mongolia is suffering from some of the worst in the world.

And the problem is intrinsically linked to climate change.

The country has already warmed by 2.2 degrees, forcing thousands of people to abandon the countryside and the traditional herding lifestyle every year for the smog-choked city where 90% of children are breathing toxic air every day.

Population Reporter Stephanie Hegarty finds out why.

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BBC, i know this is serious so stop using the dramatic glitching effect please.

Author — yee yu ong


And meanwhile in the US, congressman brings a giant ball of ice from his state to prove climate change isn't real. An absolute disgrace.

Author — Madhumitha Thangamani


It's depressing how many people in their comments make it obvious that they missed the whole point of the video ....

Climate change is driving Mongolians away from their traditional way of life and into the city, where unchecked air pollution is making them sick.

Author — K. C


London had this problem in the sixties so they came up with the Clean Air Act

Author — sean o'haimheirgin


A lot of Americans who oppose 'green' initiatives don't realize that this is what many industrialized cities in the US were like prior to the EPA and the clean air act. The underlying point of this video is also pertinent: it's not just the change itself, but also the unpredictability that is wreaking havoc ....

Author — K. C


And our great president wants to revitalize the coal industry and claims climate change is a hoax 🤔

Author — Angela Roberts


Editor: What visual effects do you want?

Director: *Yes*

Author — Hamham


Forget about outer space. We will need astronaut helmets on earth.

Author — Mark Yaske


Just one word to all Mongolians/ Mongols - RESPECT
It was a privilege to visit their land a couple of times.
Very very cold place.
Ulaanbataar is the coldest capital of the world and most of the mountains are world heritage sites, Ulaanbataar itself is dominated by the Steppe, and the Bogd Khan mountains.
You feel humbled by the fortitude and the struggle of these people.
All you would like to do is to sleep on the green -green steppe and gaze at the blue sky .

Love you Mongolia from India.

Author — Follow veganism for a healthy life


7:29 "He's stopped coughing since we turned it on."
Okay, you got me, that was upsetting.

Author — xyaeiounn


So sad
We need to do something about our planet
And educate people

Author — Trinidad Sanchez


It'd be great if some philanthropist (or better, international aid) contributed to putting clean energy farms in Mongolia...perhaps lifting the need for coal heating. :/

Author — archlinuxrussian


Mongolia is the first to experience this but India will be the second to witness this on a gigantic scale....

Author — Vaibhav sharma


I predate the English Clean Air act. I remember scenes like this in the UK. Not nice, not nice at all.

Author — Leslie White


Somebody adds subtitle please. Non-English speaking part of the world should understand this problem completely as well

Author — No Name


I wish more people would care for the environment.

Author — Lexi Rae


Afghanistan: we have one of worst pollution in my country.

Mongolia: Hold my vodka

Author — books from Windblown


What are the big businesses doing! Killing us softly

Author — Debbie Coker


I feel bad for them..especially for the little ones,

Author — SpeechLess Heart


This is a big reminder of how life used to be in London. Good to see other people learning from history ... NOT.

Author — Neil Doerdan