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After watching 3-4 videos (yours included) I wanna back out of arbonne now. I am now aware of how and what arbonne is, and I have realized that it doesn’t fit and fall in line with my goals. Thank you so much for doing this video, and showing me the numbers!❤️

Author — Meli LuvsYou99


What absolutely kills me about their argument of “well a corporate job is a pyramid scheme and is making the CEO a lot of money!!” Is like... they’re so close to self awareness/having a point. Like yeah! Fight the rich! Demand what you deserve! But they don’t realize they’re inherently buying into the capitalist scheme they’re arguing against.... I.E. profiting off your down line.

Literally can’t way to do an academic essay on MLMs 😂

Author — Rebecca Raeta


I was part of Arbonne and that was the worse thing I could have done because I lost 4, 000$ and anytime I’d post something that was my opinion my “upline “ would tell me to take it down because I shared some negative thoughts on something and she would say that I can’t share the negative because she doesn’t want people to think that there is negative thoughts to it. They took advantage of me because I’m a person with a disability and mental illnesses so I quit

Author — Erica Streisslberger


I love a well researched lady who does the math for me 😂😘

Author — Kristy Russell


Not gonna lie, I did Arbonne for a little less than a year (because I suck at saying no and placing boundaries, and fear upsetting people) and I legit made like 40 dollars the entire time, and most if it was from my own purchases lol. I knew I wanted to leave when we went to these “host parties” and everyone acted like they knew me and loved me. It felt like a cult and I was scared.

Author — adenidna


I really appreciate what you do trying to educate people. Lesson number 1has to be that there's no such thing as "free" trips or "easy" money - doesn't exist and beware of those who promise such things!😕

Author — Loretta _


I have a hard time even justifying spending that kind of money on legit Sephora brands and such. It's good shit but so expensive! But with these MLMs, you could be getting drugstore makeup quality and paying an arm and a leg for it. Drugstore makeup is good but it's not as good as Sephora brands. You get what you pay for. Except for MLMs, you pay for more than what you get.

Author — MamboMania


You and Kiki Chanel should do a video together. I would love a weekly CC/Kiki Anti-MLM series! Haha!

Author — Misty Perrigoue


I always found it weird they always want someone to be a distributor or a discount distributor like dont you need regular customers? Until i realized they are the customers. Been out of BB as a discount coach for 5 or more years now. Thanks to kiki!

Author — Christina Lee


Thanks for sharing this. I have been an Arbonne IC for 2 yrs and have not been successful in getting a single person to join. I wish I did more research before wasting my money in all their over priced products. I feel so ashamed for even bugging my friends and family about joining this crap! I already left the company and there are so many cheaper products out their that are great

Author — Hair by Anjiwike Susie


I'm working my way back since first discovering you a couple of weeks ago. I have to say these deep dives are brilliant. My interest is in all forms of cult behavior and your explanation of MLM is quite convincing. I've also listen to the videos reacting to internal MLM indoctrination. Have to say that I really can't take many more of them because the women I've seen on these are so unpleasant I can't bear to listen to more than 10 minutes. I suppose it's instructive to see how these people get indoctrinated, and maybe it would be instructive to see how QAnon indoctrinates its own cult members, but having done my own research into Jehovah's witnesses and other cults, it's all pretty much the same. Deeply cynical people taking advantage of people add vulnerable moments in their lives, and then brushing them with unceasing abuse to keep them in. It's all pretty depressing and I don't have the ability to slog through all of this. But kudos to you for trying to get out as many survivors as possible.

Author — 1733Athalia


Everytime I feel like I’m getting sucked into an MLM, I do my research and I’m reminded of why MLM companies aren’t for me. Thank you for doing the research!!!

Author — Luafaletele Vee


One of my friends I tried to show a video on isagenix was like “so you’ll believe some random person on the internet but not your friend”.. 🙄 uh I will when they are presenting facts lol

Author — Leah Marie ✨asana awakening


"don't let the fake lifestyle, the fake luxury lifestyle of white blonde girls in brown hats" GIRL YOU KILL ME DEAD!!! i'm putting this on a t-shirt.

Author — αɴαнαтα love


I’m so glad you went this direction. I m love anti mlm education videos and I love you as a person so I am a happy camper today.

Author — Shelby


Best review I’ve seen so far!!! 👏 when I see a friend begin to push MLM I 🤦‍♂️ and almost feel like calling them to talk them out of it.

Author — Jason


Hey, just found your channel. I got scammed by Arbonne a hundred years ago before social media, can’t believe they are still around. Fun fact: my national Vice President up line has since been demoted to regional vp...just did some digging a found that little tidbit haha. So much for ‘living the dream’ when you make it to the top! All these scummy MLMs are the never get off the hamster wheel, even at the top. Gotta churn thru recruits to keep that ‘free’ car!

Author — Kabjat


Girl I have recently discovered your channel and I’M HERE FOR ALL OF IT!! Love your content and I have subscribed!! ☺️♥️

Author — Laura Powell


It's not just profiting off the downline, it is profiting off people working for FREE most of the time (at their expense) which is the problem and thank you for hi-lighting this!!

Author — Karisa Karmali


I got a dm from a girl for this company thank god I didn’t go through with it !

Author — Tania.