9 Smartest Purchases In My 20's

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9 Smartest Purchases In My 20's 5
In this video, I will share some of the smartest purchases that I have made in the past few years. Be sure to subscribe for more personal finance videos!

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only.

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- Nate

Author — Nate O'Brien


Travel is the most underrated thing for personal growth.

Author — airjordan1573


I just realized you shoot all your videos in a single take... Impressive 👍

Author — Aaron Ruiz


I’m only watching this because I’m

P r o c r a s t i n a t i n g

Author — Pugface777


If you love Nate make this turn blue

Im on the road to 100..
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Author — Pic Space


Tip for suits:
Get an inexpensive suit from a thrift store and then have it tailored to fit you correctly.
Saves a lot of money and it can still look real good.

Author — Jared Butler


My smartest purchase has been buying real estate. It’s made me $300k in the last four years. It’s inspired me to start my own channel.

Author — Sane Cents - Finance and Real Estate


When you make list vids can you include the lists in the description too

Author — rrtx250


Smartest purchases are investments 💵💰👍

Author — Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos


Nate's tips are helping me become a billionaire

Author — Billionaire BY 30


Invest in yourself. This is a great way to achieve your goals much faster! Keep it up Nate!:)

Author — Patrick Cogen


I'm 21 and this video is very very useful!
It will save me a lot of money and time, also increase my quality life

Author — Nicola - Business Tips For Success


Buying a nice suit helped me nail a few interviews AND look boss at a few weddings.

Author — AdventureEpic


Hey Nate, can you do a video about real estate for beginners?
I would like to learn about real estate and i haven’t found a useful video
I like the way you explain things so I was hoping

Author — Heated Heat


I really love how you just talk without cuts in your videos. There are so many people out there that cut their videos so that they reduce the length of the videos and fix any mistakes they make, but your style is truly the best.

Author — Hakan


Having travelled to a few places in Europe during my study abroad, I highly agree with the travelling aspect! It is such a huge thing for personal development, but don't just necessarily travel to just sit on a sunbed at your hotel for a week, but actually go travelling with a purpose, you can volunteer, you can go and help run a summer camp for the whole summer, you can study abroad and/or work abroad.
It's something I'm really considering doing more of as I never went abroad till I was 21 (I have aspergers syndrome, a social and development disorder, so travelling before then was a no go as I couldn't cope).
But having done it, I urge everyone to travel abroad somewhere and do it with a purpose as it gives you such a different perspective on the world

Author — Harry Thornton


I definitely agree on the mattress part. Having a Tempurpedic mattress has improved my sleep immensely. It's also made me lazier. Well, everything is a tradeoff...

Author — InvestingGuardian


I've always said never to cheap out on shoes, mattresses, and food.

Author — Austin A


10 years ago I bought a tempur pedic mattress, life changing.

Author — Arcade Jackpot Pro


I’m in my 20s and these sounds like thoughtful and practical ideas!

Author — cat -.-