OnePlus X - Powerfully Beautiful

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Introducing a brand new product line from OnePlus. The OnePlus X is about expressing individuality in modern urban life, the conflict between traditional craft and manufacturing, and balance between design and technology.

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watching this commercial again and again. Love it!

Author — TechLine


This design is just phenomenal. I absolutely love the way they've designed this phone, amazingly sleek and not too big in hands. It's one of my ideal kind of phones. Though it's sad that they haven't launched a successor to this one yet :/

Author — Siddharth


One of the most beautiful phones ever built. Recently purchased a Pixel - mainly for the camera, but I always go back to the OnePlus X. I'm going to buy another.

Author — M H


the most perfect phone ever made...
Snapdragon 801
5" AMOLED Display
metal and glass made.
perfect price...

Author — Tabrez Shaikh


Man, I'd love to see a sequel to this phone.

Author — Hunter


Looks awesome, OnePlus! Also cool shots of the production process. Great specifications for a price of $250. Keep it up!

Author — Lucas


Congratulations Oneplus, this is the phone I've been waiting for! You made some great decision what to include to make it great and what to leave out to make it affordable. Really looking forward to my invite :) Keep it up!

Author — fluxx


If this came with 64GB, it would be the perfect phone. I really love my OPO. Nothing wrong with it besides the slightly to big display. A OPO with a 5" display or the OPX with 64GB would be so freaking perfect

Author — spadePerfect


I'm instantly hyped, love the design, love the SIM/SD slot solution, just love it all!

Author — Holyshitwhydidtheyletmepicksuchalongnameibetyourenotevenreadingthis


sometimes I just come back for the commercial

Author — Marlon Hoyte


Amazing to say the least! I'm pumped for the OnePlus X!

Author — Lim Jun Hong


I really really really loved my OPX, such a great Phone. Astonishing build quality, great software, perfect size.
Please OnePlus bring us another one. You can build such great phones, but for me these phones are to big, the OPX was perfect.

Author — AngryApple


Nice and actually first, looks like the oneplus 2 but with a smaller screen. It has a 5" display and has two option for the backing which is 'Onyx' which is glass and 'Ceramic' which is ceramic. The Ceramic is a limited edition as not many are made. The brushed metal frame is etched with 17 microcuts all the way around. Alert Slider switches between three modes: Silent, Priority Mode, or All notifications. They use a 13MP camera which is super fast as they sped up auto focus to 0.2s. Processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. 3GB RAM. 2, 525 mAg LiPo battery. Now here is an interesting bit. It has dual nano sim BUT you can switch one of the sims for a microSD. AMOLED screen. You can tune into FM radio. OxygenOS. Lots of options for colors in the OS hence why the song in the video says 'I see the colors'. And again there is cases from real Rosewood, Black Apricot, Bamboo, Karbon, and Sandstone. THE INVITE SYSTEM IS DIFFERENT. It has invites but only for one month. Then in December they will hold hourly open sales with no invite required. Quick get an invite at:

Author — Cosmos


wow, love this phone, i have a oneplus 2 and i really started to love this company good job oneplus

Author — Blu Frittata


amazing phone. would love to buy it soon.

Author — Ashwin Ramesh


wow, this will definitely destroy the pricing balance of affordable yet great smartphones. yeah, it is stunningly beautiful.

Author — jlex


care and quality all in one. Amazing!
Its a real shame the losses on the ceramic version : (

Author — Johnathan Martinez


Definitely beautiful, wouldn't doubt it's powerful.

Author — Peter


This looks like it will have a similar feel in hand as the iphone 4 and i loved that phone to death for it. Looks great oneplus!

Author — 6cmh3


I'm loving what OnePlus is doing. this will be my next phone, I hate my overheating G3 with a passion lol.