Oryx is The *NEW* BEST Operator of Rainbow Six Siege...

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Oryx is The *NEW* BEST Operator of Rainbow Six Siege... 5

I AM BACK with another Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge Gameplay video this time featuring Oryx ( not Iana ), this update is seriously amazing that I'm gonna make so many montages on it.

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💬 Comments on the video

Oryx: "One second has passed"
Kali: "Nani?!"

Author — Callum B-H


that first opening clip is so mvp, the dodge under the shot is actually pretty dope it happened

Author — Kelmon


Oryx: *dodges a headshot from Kali's sniper then smashes her into a wall.*

Me: "Pray for that Kali. Holy shit." 😳🙏

Author — Faded Ragnarok


Bikinibodhi: Hit 100k likes

Viewers: Are you challenging me?

Mission completed bois

Author — sportsmobile


You know it’s gunna be a good vid when we starting off with Jojo

Author — Captia Joe


Bikini: apologizes for not uploading in 2 weeks

Tux bird: those are rookie numbers, you got to bump those numbers up

Author — Rogan Baker


“Can we not vote bottom for once?”

*hes self aware*

Author — Wyatt G


Noone in exsistence:
Bikini:*ducks real head when he gets shot at in siege*

Author — Trend gaming


0:06 *Local man goes sicko mode, kicks woman through dry wall*

Author — Kryonik


"If flashes are bad smell, then Warden is a Febreze"

BikiniBodhi 2020.

Author — Shefter.


“Can we not vote the bottom for once!” Me: imma do what’s called a pro gamer move

Author — MrBlipman


Watching Bikini playing him makes me think it's an amazing operator but if try him myself first I'm not gonna do a single kill :D

Author — Paymoney Faggot


That Sly Cooper music, so much nostalgia.

Author — Kemper Crowley


3:13 I see this man got class... I mean the music, get it. I'm going now

Author — Sly Cooper


10:13 he got bitch-slapped by Ash. Kills even the strongest man

Author — ThatOtherYouTubeMann YT


0:18 I was waiting for him to break through the wall irl

Author — Peyton Heisinger


*bikini sets like goal*
Fans: “You’re already dead”
Bikini: “NANI?!?!”

Author — gsimscovers


0:07 when bikini has to dodge the bullet in real life too

Author — ThatOneAsian


Title: "oryx is The * NEW * best operator of rainbow six seige..."

Tachanka after the rework: *AHEM*

Author — Roblox Legend 68


I love how when biking ducked in the game he ducked in real life at the start

Author — Alex Goodwin