Steve Eisman: ”It’s very hard to short a stock that’s a cult”

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Steve Eisman: ”It’s very hard to short a stock that’s a cult” 5

Portfolio manager Steve Eisman predicted the financial crisis of 2008 and was one of few that made money when the stock market crashed. The process inspired Michael Lewis’ book ”The Big Short”, which later became a successful Hollywood film.

Swedish journalist Katrine Marçal meets up with Steve Eisman in London to discuss worldwide issues and how they affect his current investments. The conversation revolves around politics, company analyses and the emotions of investing.

Among the controversial shorts in Eisman’s portfolio are a few British banks that could be hurt by a recession caused by Brexit. He is also shorting Tesla, a move that is offending owners of the American car.

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title: stock that's a cult

me: obviously Tesla

Author — Robertson Thirdly


I though I had a stroke when the interviewer start speaking in Swedish.

Author — Tyler Sin


This interviewer is amazing, it is so bizarre compared to the trash you usaully get

Author — John Smith


Jeremy Corby makes Bernie Sanders look like a raging capitalist. That's way too funny.

Author — SpaceWalkTraveller


That journalist would never get a job on the BBC. There is no room for unbiased interviewers asking unbiased questions who then actually allow their guests to answer questions in that government outfit.

Author — Flashers.


Steve Eisman : next financial recession will not happen in this year or next,
corona : hold my beer

Author — seyed hossein Tafakh


humans, in general, underestimate low probability negative outcomes (eg financial crises, natural disasters); and overestimate low probability posivitive outcomes (eg gambles, lottery wins)

Author — Onur


I love listening to Steve. He’s such a rational straight shooter

Author — FootballJunkie


The only respectable, unbiased journalist i've seen in a long time. Good interview.

Author — christian york


That has got to be the nicest interviewer I’ve ever seen. She tries her hardest to make him feel comfortable even when English is her second language it seems.

Author — Horsea Phoenix


This dude has a 4 dimensional train of thought.

Author — Isaac Azuz


"The For-Profit Education Industry is a Non-Ethical Industry." Well said! There are glimmers of light in the dark world that is Wall Street.

Author — Telluwide


Fantastic interview. Very informative. Eisman's character in "The Big Short" was like an Old Testament prophet screaming into the abyss. I'd buy his picks.

Author — geinikan1kan


He’s so blunt that I can’t help but like him!

Author — Julie Silversmyth


This is the type of interview I enjoy watching. Well done

Author — CptnBrryCrnch


What an excellently conducted interview.

Author — M M


Anyone else think he looks like he's wearing a rubber face mask
BTW - good interviewer and good interviewee, well done around

Author — xkeo21


The interviewer is incredibly charming.

Author — I Nalys


A rational conversation in an irrational world.

Author — Siri Erieott


It is so nice to have an interviewer who wants to listen and an interviewee who is genuinely interesting.

Author — Defenstrator