Top 10 Scary Shadow People Caught On Camera

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Top 10 Scary Shadow People Caught On Camera 5

Top 10 Scary shadow people caught on camera are very bizarre. These ghosts caught on camera and shadow beings will leave you contemplating about there existence. These paranormal activity caught on video will give you goosebumps.

Though it was generally believed that people can only see brief glimpses of these bizarre creatures. More and more people are claiming to see them for longer periods of time. Some of these figures walk through the room of our homes at night and others lurks in the doorway watching everything we do, day after day.

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The music makes it difficult to listen to any ghost voices:(

Author — Raikuni


10 & 9 were less convincing but others were creepy as hell

Author — xmalfan


#8 is just that guys own shadow against the gas pump. How could anyone think otherwise 🤔 it's obvious ijs 🤷🏻‍♂️
Second & more importantly, who the hell was the creeper in the cut recording the store and customers? To me that is the only thing weird about that video.

Author — James Bong#420


Can’t hear anything because of the background music!!!😡

Author — Holly McDowell


That gas station shadow person had the right idea; act like and move like you're the person's own shadow. GENIUS!!

Author — Adam Brokas


Mo looks like you have given up. Honestly you just need to slow down the clips, l( show more replays) give more commentary and lower your music.

Author — White lives Matter most


I see them all the time especially when i was young

Author — Lawrence Howard


The #3 clip when the guy yells S. O. B. out loud has me laughing although I would’ve reacted the same way if I saw that thing

Author — Chris Longoria


Lol! Why is somebody standing across the street videotaping a gas station!!!!???

Author — Amanda Bourke


I've seen many shadow figures and when shadow masses from my childhood and even to present I'm 29 now so I know there legit but idk what they are, the memory's that stick out to me the most are the times where I would first sence there presence witch triggers my fight or flight and hair raised with sencation from my neck to my lower spine, anyway I remember the times mostly where I stood my ground and I would scan the room and all 5he sudded.. I would see and feel ....WITHOUT doubt the figure or mass charge me😲 it's been about a year or so since I've seen one idk if there good bad or have there own choice to be either but when I experice them I feel the possibility of having to defend myself and few times even my young daughter's when we shared same experience.. as far as I know I've never phisically been hurt but idk if they infulince health or events that have happened so idk I'm glad I haven't noticed them in a while

Author — Cory Gs


I had a shadow figure wake me and my girlfriend in the middle of the night. Let me tell you it drains all of your energy and you'll eventually stop shaking.

Author — JaM-43015


The first one is not legit. The pedestrian flickers each time a car touches it. Somethings not right there.
The second one, well I can’t see a “shadow person “ . I can see the guy’s shadow but that’s not a shadow person.
The rest are okay but not up to your usual standard; except The Ghosts of Carmel Maine. That’s top notch. I’ve seen it many times but it’s still freaky.
Thanks mate. 🇦🇺👍

Author — Shed Man X


When I was in 10th Grade, I lived at some apartments in California along with my mom and my two sisters, and they had some friends that were playing with the Ouija board in the middle of some stairs going up to the top floor, and straight across from that was a covered carport and back behind that was a big block wall that led to some houses behind the Apartments, when I Came Upon them I was like you guys are dumb playing that stupid game, it's not real, it's fake, you guys are stupid for playing it, so they proceeded to tell me that it was real and they were trying to convince me to try it, I continue to laugh at them, tell them it's stupid and fake, and as I begin to reach down and touch the Ouija board, at the moment that I touched it, from the corner of our eyes, we saw something jump down from the brick wall onto the ground an apartment side, and it scared the s*** out of us and as all five of us turned to see what it was, it was a black cat jumping down from the wall, it wasn't scary until we all describe what we thought we saw from the corner of our eyes, it was figure that was all in black, tall, jumping off the wall, down onto the ground.

Author — Danny Martinez


I've seen the same shadow person two times in my brother's house I saw it from the corner of my eye it didn't scare me things like that just don't scare me but my brother's wife asked me not to tell him because he would want to move so anyways I ended up telling him and he moved when you move out of a house that's haunted you're basically given the ghost what It wants It wants You out that's the worst thing you can do is leave you should fight for your home you never leave

Author — Alice Farretta


Hi on video #6 you say the ghost was video taped in the attick but I think it's just the upper level of the house.

Author — Mr Tanner


I have never seen a shadow person but I had seen ghosts I guess they aren't the same thing

Author — Dwayne Earles


The guy who has The Ghosts of Carmel Maine has a great and genuine channel!!- The stuff he has is amazing and my favorite is the one with the shadow person who is in the window and then jumps out! Crazy!! His name is Ken and he is great!!

Author — Linda Lowe


#9 there's three shadow people. #8 was his shadow.

Author — Ryan Powell


Yes they are real.Im a Mortician, and was working at a Funeral Home in Cincinnati Ohio.The place was built in 1898.People i would have to go over to that location and vacuum.I would be in one room and i could see them flashing by in the next room. All kind of shit happened at that location.They owned 4 funeral homes.

Author — Scott Muncey


Yeah once and a orange eye ghost aswell

Author — Ethan mcquat 1999 animations and sounds editor