THANOS *TRAP* TROLLING In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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THANOS *TRAP* TROLLING In Fortnite Battle Royale! 4.5

Song: [Progressive House] - Puppet - Soft Spoken [Monstercat EP Release]

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Who misses the thanos gamode like if you do

Author — Zaych Mate


Who else is scrolling through comments like if u are

Author — Vortex 1401


Who is watching thus with the new avengers game mode

Author — AtaaZombieZA


Who is watching in season 7

[Edit: Thanks for all the support!]

Author — Matt


19:15 14 secs. 14 people left and 14 kills.

Author — ROBLOX Man


Who else watching in season 8 just to feel the nostalgia

Author — Jeremy Williams


challenge ideas:
no volume challenge

Switch loadout challenge. Where when you get a kill, you swap your ENTIRE loadout to their loadout

switch the A and the D controls (A makes you go right and D makes you go left)

switch the left mouse button and the right mouse buttons controls (aim & shoot)

no aiming challenge

No jumping challenge

No meds challenge

No shields challenge

a challenge where one duo partner can only build, and the other can only shoot

like if you want to see one of these.

Author — Hallen Ettles


Who is watching this in season 8 like if u are

Author — CLIP B-HAT 80559


Im watching in season six and i miss this mode

Author — x KNYTE x


Who else is wating for THANOS LTM in 👇8.50 update??

Author — 이재익


Im geussing half the comments are “ AnYoNe In SeAsOn 7”

Author — What am i doing here?


Who looking at this in season 6 like if you are

Author — 2kgreen goat


14:30 or somewhere around it, it is coming back because of the next movie like he predicted

Author — ExperimentX


Who is looking at this in season 7 valentines?

Author — cooked potato


Who else pees on the side of the toilet to make less noise?

Author — Rhett Mashburn



Every time u kill someone u have to emty your inventory and can only pick up items from the guy u just killed. Like so he can see it!

Author — Svampik


Anyone watching in 2019 as he is playing mine craft

Author — Angelo Abehar


Season 4 was where it was at, fortnite was so much better back then

Author — XxMr CleanxX


Does his fists ever gets sore from loving the ground?

Author — Musical Artist


Who’s watching after the start of chapter 2 season 1 and can’t believe how different the game used to be

Author — Zachary Woodbury