How to see career rise through jaimini astrology chara dasha and amatyakaraka!!!!

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Jaimini system of astrology is a very profound and accurate system when it comes to predicting the event. This video will help you in calculating the periods responsible for rising and fall in your career.

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Great insights on jaimini astrology! Since it is a complimentary tool it worked a little for me....after my chara dasha started and the amatyakarka was placed in 1st house i got promotion after 6-7 months....then got a very good job offer but soon things got worse because as per vimshottari dasha i was under ketu mahadasha and last antardasha started of mercury(amatyakarak) and i lost my job! Mercury is my amatyakarak! Retrograde in 10th house and also a markesh and badhakesh for me! So from the jaimini point of view i got good results! But since vimshottari was bad the result did not materialise to full strength! Thanks

Author — Seeker AR


Thank you sir for highlighting the points.

Author — Sandeep K


Sir really amazing explanation with beautiful music.. It's full of positive vibes 🥰🥰🥰

Author — Manoj Sridhar


Respected Sir thank you so much for wonderful information regarding Jaimini Astrology, Sir I want understand Jaimini Astrology, kindly give me a correct information how to linked or contact with you Sir.

Author — Anil Garde


What if the Amatyakarak is in none of the houses you've mentioned?
Also can we consider Pratyantar dasha?

Author — Creative _lifeline


your way of teching is fabulous and simple.
Sir, to find exact degrees of the planets which Ayanamsha should we use in Gemini paddhati?Lahiri or KP new?

Author — Omkar Parshetye


Rahul ji..Amk Sun in 1st house in Capricorn Dasha alongwith DK Saturn..As per your explanation AMK in first house is sure shot sign of success..But at the same time GK Moon is in 10th do you reconcile the two aspects and give your prediction on success and struggle in profession

Author — Jayanto Chatterjee


jaimini astrology needs to be highlighted.kindly bring it to limelight by your intellect and knowledge.thanks.

Author — Satish Chaudhary


Very useful technique thank you so so much

Author — Priya Rajeshirke


Aapke pass great knowledge hai sir astrology ki.... Thank you so much for such great video

Author — our priceless heritage .🚩19👑


Jaimini is useful in pinpointing an event.

Author — P Raghav Kumar


Great video g ... thanks for sharing your knowledge.... many thanks

Author — Mula Vedic Sciences


Very praiseworthu explanation.Keep it up👍👍👍



It's been observed that different astrological software shows different chara dasha (same biodata given) which is contradictory, how to ascertain accurate jaimini Chara dasha?

Author — Gyan Bharati 5


Could you pl add subtitles in English?

Author — Upul Ranaweera


sir please can u explain on kundli how to use chara dasha?

Author — Sahil singh


What if gnatikarak is in 11th from Dasha lagna n amatyakarak is in 10 th from Dasha lagna.???tab ky positive result milega sir???

Author — Astromoola


Wow, very true According to my chart.

Author — Garry Sall


🙏 Sirji Happy New year aapko n very excellent video on jamini astrology method

Author — D K GORAK


Well explained scorpio - scropio is going Taurus-Taura in char result will be bad

Author — Sunita Anand