Trump encouraged coronavirus protesters. He has criticized policing protests.

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Trump encouraged coronavirus protesters. He has criticized policing protests. 2

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The US has to stop killing innocent people . Life is valuable.

Author — Peter Solar channel


You’re trying to say something here, but it was a lot of nothing.

Author — Lily M


You got literally everything wrong lol

Author — A. Nicole


You're and your propaganda outlet are ignorant and love to flip the script to fit your narrative and y'all can't even do that right!

Author — Micah Beadel


You mean he Encouraged the 100% peaceful protests, and criticizing policing on LOOTING and VIOLENCE. YOU changed it to "Protesters" making you fake news.

Author — Reggie Watchowtnow


minor correction--Sioux Falls, SD not ND.

Author — Chris Mitchell


Common since you don't distroy property it's a crime

Author — LORD GOD


i think the washington post missed the point of everything that we the people are worried about. The riots are bad. antifa is amongst the majority of the agitators. we want rioting and violence to stop. all they doing here is nit picking at trump and distracting everybody from the real problem. the violent riots!

Author — Sean B.


Trump said he supported the Peaceful Protesters and is against the looters and rioters. He's not against the peaceful protest. The rioters are not with the cause anymore.

Author — Darko Esparza


Uhhh maybe because they weren't looting, setting fires, and being violent???

Author — Supernatural Wavelength


Just like the left opposing church gatherings, right? WAPO = Biased agenda.

Author — Jocko Ward


Has no one thought that covid might sweep through every one that is protesting... good cause but foolish to do so at this moment in time

Author — JOHN MARK Mcgowan


I guess the "journalists" from Washington Post are too stupid to see the difference between peaceful protests and riots...

Author — SuperiorBeen


So this is what the inside of a cult looks like...

Author — Bunk Soup


Well corona virus protestors weren’t looting a burning down buildings.

Author — Tony Bologna


How the heck did people forget hitler, he also traded lives for money and public appreciation, that's Trump now but even worse looking at the figures

Author — Vedant momaya


*Please help Korean students!!!🙏*

The Korona virus is spreading in Korea, but The government of South Korea is going to start school as it is.😱Some of the students are currently infected with the Corona virus. Soon all the students will go to school. Many students are protesting, but the government is ignoring their opinions and trying to start school as it is. There are still many students in Korean schools who do not wear masks.. Many students are scared ahead of school. The dangerous situation of Korean students should be known a lot. 😭

*The sentence may be a little strange because it is using a translator. I ask for your understanding. Thank you for reading the long story.*

Author — _ 512


the irony of the people missing this weekend should be that the people of mill valley suddenly love traffic and have to defend THERE city

Author — theseceret


when is anyone suprized by a republican or trump suporters double standard of hyporacy?

Author — nevermore from past


He just read it on the paper if l was president l would of said it from the heart

Author — P.R Bones