Joe Satriani reflects on the Hendrix masterpiece Electric Ladyland

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Joe Satriani reflects on the Hendrix masterpiece Electric Ladyland.

About Electric Ladyland 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition:

This incredible box set from Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings gives the listener a comprehensive, intimate look into the making of the most fully realized, cohesive project of Hendrix’s entire career, featuring favorites like “All Along The Watchtower,” “Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” “Crosstown Traffic” and more.

Spread across 3 CDs and 1 Blu-Ray or 6 LPs and 1 Blu-ray the set includes:

1) The original album, now newly remastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analog tapes.

2) Electric Ladyland: The Early Takes, which presents 20 never before heard demos and studio outtakes. Included are incredibly intimate demos for song ideas Hendrix recorded himself on a reel-to-reel tape at the Drake Hotel, as well as early recording session takes featuring guest appearances from Buddy Miles, Stephen Stills and Al Kooper

3) Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At the Hollywood Bowl 9/14/68, part of Experience Hendrix’s Dagger Records official bootleg series. The never before released recording captures The band and the mounting excitement that took place just weeks before the release of Electric Ladyland

4) Blu-Ray that includes the acclaimed full-length documentary At Last… The Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland, the first 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire original album ever overseen by Hendrix’s original engineer Eddie Kramer plus the original stereo mixes in uncompressed 24 bit/96 kz high resolution audio.

5) Electric Ladyland Deluxe Edition includes a full color, 48-page book containing Jimi’s handwritten lyrics, poem and instructions to his record label, as well as never before published photos from the recording sessions that were shot by Eddie Kramer himself.

6) All contained in luxe packaging with new cover art which is true to Hendrix’s original vision of the album’s cover: a Linda (McCartney) Eastman photograph of the band and children at the statue of Alice In Wonderland in New York’s Central Park.

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I grew up on stuff like this & it's the reason I have no patience or interest in new music.

Author — kirkg811


November 9 The White Album and Electric Ladyland time machine is real

Author — Stamatis Stabos


Completely insane headphone album. The production is like an environment of the mind, once you close yours eye with the headphones on.

Author — ESR66


How he looked, his personality, and how he played combined to create something very powerful.

Author — Oliver Pura


I borrowed this album from a friend in 8th grade! I did what Joe did, listening to this wonderful music and just reading the album cover over and over again!! By far my favorite album!!!

Author — Jamal Kareem


Joe always showed huge respect for Jimi, both are true Guitars heroes.

Author — John


Greatest Album of all time. Jimi doing what Jimi wanted to do. His dreams and soul were put into this one. The original Experience lineup with Noel and Mitch. Production
Hendrix, Chandler, Kramer and Kellgren making magic happen.

Author — Lenny Varville Jr.


My older sister was 20 when this came out and I was 8 . She gave me her album to listen to and it blew me away! I have never heard anything like it before! From then on I have been a Hendrix super fan. Jimi you are the man! Nobody is even in the same building as you! 🎸🎸🎸👍👍👍❤❤ you will live on forever with your music!

Author — Doug's Guitar Lounge


The songs, musically and lyrically, transport me to the era, the past, the future, and beyond.
The Rainy Day, 1983 suite, brings me an alternate universe, where an entire story unfolds.
Epic, would be an understatement.

Author — CorbCorbin


I've been listening to Jimi for about 2 years and I had never listened to 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be). Man, thats a motherfucking masterpiece - its incredible. When you think that jimi showed everything and u r trying to play some of his songs, he come and blows everything away. Thank you cosmic blues man, you live forever

Author — Lucas Reale


One thing about Jimi is that you didn't notice he was black, he transcended that. I talk about him like Joe- completely in awe of him. I reached heaven listening to him.

Author — Oliver Pura


Well put. I'm 69 years old and have played guitar for 48 years. I'm happy to be old enough to remember when this was a new album. Only caught Hendrix once, but am so grateful for that. I feel exactly as Joe does about this album. I've listened to many times ( in altered states of mind yup!). Years ago while visiting Seattle I went out to Renton and visited Jimi's grave -- that's the effect his music had on me.

Author — Charles Proulx


"Electric Ladyland", "Axis Bold As Love", "The Cry Of Love" and the New Year 69/70 live album still move me.
I think "The Cry Of Love" is overlooked by many people and contains some of their best work imho.

Author — Johnnyc drums


I love all of Jimi's music but people should really listen to his lesser known jams and instrumentals such as Cherokee mist, pali gap, villanova junction, etc, he had a bunch of amazing jams that are not officially released I own about 60 CDs

Author — Victor Manriquez jr


I have listened Jim from age of 12 up to 65. I have the same impressions as yours. Thanks Joe.

Author — Reynaldo Oliveros


When he says it changed lives that’s not even cliche. I remember listening to this and thinking I was on drugs and seeing colors and shapes and being completely sober. And it spanned generations. I was listening in 2008 or so. It stands the test of time

Author — idigmusic


I'm old 13 years and I have this album by Jimi Hendrix(I like his music).

Author — Janko Car


A very respectful overview from Joe about the astonishing "Electric Ladyland".
Even after five decades, nobody has touched it.

That's far ahead of the game Jimi was.
I have the original double vinyl with the naked women on the cover, but I'm
tempted to get it again with the new insights from Eddie Kramer etc.

A great review.

Author — Rob Jones


I have the version with the 'naked ladies' cover. Indeed ranks along with Pet Sounds, any Beatles album, Dylan album, as one of the great albums of the '60s.

Author — Bruce1956


I have every available Hendrix song on spotify on a playlist, i play it on shuffle ever single day a few times a day. The groove sends shivers through my skin into my bones never have i ever experienced anything similar.

Author — Blazee