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Escaping Auschwitz: I Have a Message for You | Op-Docs 5

This week’s Op-Doc is Matan Rochlitz’s powerful film “I Have a Message for You,” about a woman’s extraordinary journey of survival and redemption. It’s a remarkable piece, both for the creativity of its visual approach and for its unusual combination of tragedy, beauty and catharsis.


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I started crying when she said “Philippe where are you?” And then he appeared there as an old man. That is love.

Author — Cherry Soda


When I saw Philippe I started sobbing.

Author — lyz m


I wanted her to keep talking, about know more about her, her beliefs and life...everything

Author — Robin Mcclain


and this why i love old people. i could talk to them for hours! they know more then any other teacher or professor

Author — jonathan holloway


Religion is important to some, but at the end of the day..

*_We are ALL human beings no matter what your religion is._*

Author — Lufiel


When I saw Philippe. 😢😭 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

Author — Calyope


It makes me furious that some people deny the fact that this horrific thing ever happened.

Author — E Am


Wow you can still see that beautiful strong woman in her eyes.

Author — TheAnti-Guru-Art


I literally said, "THANK God" when I saw her husband alive.

Author — Fudge Cake


I believe it was a messenger, an angel from God that told her about her father.

Author — Linda Hinojosa


Beautiful short documentary. I believe stories like these must be told no matter who is telling them. The way they introduced her husband in the film is absolutely beautiful and heart warming. Congratulations to the filmmakers.

Author — Fernando Esté


At the beginning of the video I was very sad.
When I saw phillepe I teared up A LOT.
When I saw the fatherly part of the story,
the tears fell.
By the end of the video I was sobbing.

Author — expertEE


I knew her dad was happy she jumped. He knew they were all going to be killed.

Author — Michelle Hubbard


what a sad but beautiful story. A big warning that humans are able of doing such atrocities in the future again if we are not careful who we vote for.

Author — corega111


Amazing at first i thought she lost philippe but then he was there on the chair and he smiled and i was amazed. and happy, what an extraordinary story all that time to get that message from her dad wonderful it must have haunted her everyday for 20 years until that miracle meeting.

Author — Gianna


soon all the survivors will be gone, WE MUST REMEMBER THEIR STORIES, this film is so important. THANK YOU <3 no way could a person not cry listening to it.

Author — SuperYonala


before i saw the message part I knew his father would have been ESTATIC to know she feeling when you rather die alone than having your loved ones with you

Author — veronikah K


I hope this never happens again, Inshallah

Author — Iskender


At 9:03, II heard myself say out loud, “what a lovely smile!” I could see the joy & happiness in her face. What a lovely, strong, amazing lady! 💗

Author — Just Me


Just watched the meeting of Ursula and Erika on another video, Nazi and Prisoner. What a beautiful meeting of healing and unspoken forgiveness with those ladies!

Author — wakingohiomama 91