SWIS Symposium 2015

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SWIS SYmposium 2015

It's Finally Back!
The Top Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Doctors, Therapists, Trainers, Strength Coaches, and Nutritionists all presenting their best information.
◦ Date: November 13-14, 2015
◦ Place: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, which is just outside of Toronto.
◦ Symposium Hotel: Hilton Hotel,
◦6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2L3
◦ Symposium Streams: Training, Treatment, Rehab, Nutrition
◦ Presenters:
◦Ben Pakulski
◦JL Holdsworth
◦Matt Nichol
◦Dave Tate
◦John Meadows
Brad Gillingham
◦Julia Ladewski
◦Joe DeFranco
◦Lorne Goldenberg
◦Kelly Armstrong
◦Dr. Ken Kinakin
◦Dr. Karim Dhanani
◦Dr. Mark Scappaticci
◦Dr. David Leaf
◦Dr. Jerome Rerucha
◦Dr. Peter Jaillet
◦Dr. Doug Stoddard
◦Kevin Darby
◦Donnie Thompson
◦Paul Chek
◦Dr.Dale Buchberger
◦Ian King
◦Dr. John Berardi
◦Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon
◦Dr. Jordan Moon
◦Dr. Eric Serrano
◦Rick Collins
◦David Sandler
◦Dr. Tom Billela
◦Dr. Rob Rakowski
◦Eoin Lacey
◦Charles Poliquin
◦Dr. Darryn Willoughby
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◦The Regular Early Bird Price is $738.00.
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