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Lugano Switzerland Things to See in 4k 4.5

Explore the best things to Do in Lugano 4k Switzerland.

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Lugano it's a beautiful city surrounded by the lake and the mountains.

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Lugano is a city in southern Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino region. Its Swiss-Mediterranean mix of cultures is closely related to that of Italy’s northern Lombardy region. This mix is reflected in its architecture and cuisine. The city stands on the northern shore of glacial Lake Lugano, surrounded by mountains. Its main square, Piazza della Riforma, is ringed with pastel-colored, neoclassical palazzi.

лугано швейцария
Lugano Suiza
Lugano Schweiz

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Author — Wonderliv Travel


If I visited, I would never want to leave!

Author — jeffery wicks


I had have been in Lugano, is a city very quite, the nature, the lake, are incredible. Is a city very clean. I suggest to everyone to visit Lugano.

Author — Fabio Vieira


I visited italy and switzerland this summer, I went here, it was so beautiful!

Author — CheeseGlace


Been there a couple of months ago. There's nothing like spending a lazy afternoon in the park by the lake... Must visit for everyone

Author — Vithala Sriram


Lugano was the first place to visit outside my country, I was 22 years old, this happened 18 years ago, I felt like in heaven, it is an amazing place

Author — deporlover


I had been in Lugano. Lugano is so beautifull. it is amaising.

Author — Михаило Поповић


I recommend visiting Ticino. It is extremly nice!

Author — mama mia


Hello from Moscow! Beautiful video! Thank you so much! I'm pleased to subscribe to your channel!

Author — Caravan Saray


One of the best place i have visired in my life. Stayed in Paradiso area. City is clean, quite n very beautiful. Enjoyed the view from Monte San Salvatore. Will definitely visit again. City of Late Steve Lee (Gotthard)

Author — Channel GOERA


i been there 6 years ago, is a good place to relax with nice place. i love it so much. may i know what name as the music playing?

Author — Chee Sk


Thanks for bringing the memories back, I have lived there from 1984 to 1987 and loved every minute of that time . Great video

Author — Ghazal Khazana


Bellisimo io e la mia figlia siamo inamorate da Lugano 😍

Author — Liz Zelaya


I was there recently.
Beautiful churches and wonderful city.Love it.

Author — Gega KS


You need to be here in person as lovely as the video is nothing captures it like being there I was there 30 years ago and I can remember every detail absolutely beautiful

Author — Carmela Austin


Very nice lugano city very very beautiful 🌹🌹👍👍

Author — Poorna Laskshan


wonderfull son loves the music. pls tell me where to find.

Author — Bewusst SEIN


Yes lougano is beautiful and quiet and so magical please l want a video seeing the church from train tree times than the train cary on the road irs magical i never forget it

Author — Samir Samirrto


Bonjorno, I'm from Switzerland in the French part and it is a wonder as well, but I like going down to Ticino some summers to relax from work on holidays with my car which reminds me my Mediterranean origins Spain. At the same time, I can improve my Italian !!! I'm going to lake Maggiore for a week very soon !!! Ciao a tutti.

Author — Andres Campos


A limpeza das ruas me encantam, não é como no Brasil uma sujeira de cidades

Author — Rosana Faria