An Up-Close Look At Ford's Mustang Mach-E

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An Up-Close Look At Ford's Mustang Mach-E 2
Ford's Mustang Mach-E Is a Radical Gamble on an Electric Future.

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I MEAN... they should have just called it something else.

Author — Isaac Walker


"The Mustang fanbase is very open-minded"
*2k dislikes*

edit: 3k dislikes

Author — Red Forman


This guy looks like he’s not going to let me leave without selling me this car.

Author — Sean Victorine


They could have literally started a new "brand" for this car. Im not even a mustang guy and I know how pissed I'd be if I were one

Author — ittotaq


ford just spit in every mustang fans face

Author — CoolieIndaCut


Ford: We understand the mustang fan base

Also Ford: Its Electric and an SUV

Author — Reb


I like this car, but Why call it mustang? Make an electric Mustang that is worthy of the name.

Author — IN A FLASH


"Two big changes: Number one this is an electric vehicle.

Number two: It's ugly."

Author — TGG


Tesla: Copy my homework but change it a bit

Mustang: Got it

Author — Gavin


This feels like a parody video but sadly it’s real.

Author — MajesticTrees


Ford: “Ford really prides themselves on knowing our customers”

Makes an electric SUV and calls it a mustang

Author — Simon Pope


I immediately checked the date to see if it was maybe posted on April 1st 2019...

Author — Marlene Murillo


"we know we have a fervent fanbase of diehard Mustang fans"... true
"we also know they're very open-minded"... is this a joke
"this is an SUV body style"... this is a joke

Author — Seung Nam


“We also know that mustang fans are very open minded.” 😂 this man clearly doesn’t know mustang fans.

Author — Emperor Palpatine


"Ford really prides themselves on knowing their customers..."

Author — asdf072xxp


Ford: can I copy your homework?
Tesla: yeah just change it up a bit so it don’t look like u copied

Author — RatchetGaming


Electric Mustang- I absolutely love the idea.
Electric Mustang crossover- Absolutely disgusted and saddened

Author — Alex Martinez


Ford: Sue Tesla for using the name Model E.

Also Ford: Names this car as a Mustang instead.

Author — mcboss36


Listen to how he says “mustang brand” it’s not a car model anymore, they want this car to have mustang clout. Just my guess

Author — AsianboiiiGlenn


The Likes to Dislikes speak volumes about this "car." I lood forward to their sales report.

Author — David Lloyd Miller