Trying Taco Bell For The First Time!

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Trying Taco Bell For The First Time! 5

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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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What is your go-to taco bell order?? Did I try any of your faves?

Author — Molly Burke


I thought from the thumbnail that she collabed with them lol

Author — Juna


Molly: Says the word "cheese"

Gallop: * Pops up from behind the couch * XD

Author — Katie Schmidt


The crunch wrap is only crunchy when it’s freshly made there’s a hard shell on the inside, the beef makes it soggy after a while

Author — Shyanna Aleace


40% of comments: You say cilantro strangely
40% of comments: Gallop when you said cheese
15% of comments: I thought this had Shane and Jeffree
5% of comments: I want Taco Bell

Author — Destiny Williams


"Bean paste" is the most accurate description of Taco Bell refried beans, lol.

Author — DividesXZero



Author — Venessy


Molly: "...that burrito was not it sis."
CC: "...that burrito was not incest."
Mmm gotta love the accuracy of closed captions 😂😂

Author — Jessica Wise


Really triggered by the way you both say “supreme” and Molly says “cilantro”

Author — bri_


I replayed Gallop popping up when Molly said "cheese" like 5 times, lol. So cute!

Author — DividesXZero


8:05 gallop heard Molly say "cheese" and gets excited 😂

Author — katlynismyname


I was really hoping Shane and jeffree were in this video!

Author — Gracie J


It's the cheesy gordita crunch that she likes the best! But she kept saying chicken chulupa. 😂

Author — Shawna Fairchild


When Molly said $30 is "like nothing" I feel like me and Mesa had the same thought go through out heads.. also, Molly does a Taco Bell mukbang and wears a white shirt!? 😱 I would of painted that shirt with cheese and sauce! Lol

Author — LoveBeatsTheOdds


Regarding "is Taco Bell authentic?": Taco Bell is like a fast food version of the most popular Mexican *restaurant* food here in the U.S., which isn't really the same as what a lot of people eat in Mexico. Most eat-it-at-home cuisines have more rice/vegetables than restaurant food has, and meat is there just to the extent that your family can afford it, and Mexican food is no exception. And I don't think people wrap stuff in tortillas as much in Mexico, they more tend to have like soft tacos or just rice instead of tortillas entirely.

I have never eaten at Taco Bell I don't think, but it looks like pretty standard "Mexican restaurant in the United States" food just maybe cheaper and more preservatives like any fast food.

There are so many people who like "Mexican food" in the United States it is arguably its own food tradition now with its own qualities besides what people are actually eating right now in Mexico.

Edit: OH ALSO: The cheese is so much better usually at a non-fast-food Mexican Restaurant. If they have "Queso Fresco", (literally translates as "fresh cheese, " as opposed to an aged cheese like Cheddar) which is a light sort of liquidy cheese (a lot like cottage cheese) then that's pretty legit apparently, and you should try some.

Edit again: Also also: it seems like you never get served meat in a "Mexican restaurant" in the U.S. that isn't wrapped in a tortilla? Whereas that's totally legit to have like a piece of chicken or steak or lamb not wrapped in anything, ideally with a nice flavorful sauce on it, but could be just fried.

Also: That Cinnamin twist thing looks like a typical "churro" which is sugary dough eaten as a street food, kinda like how cotton candy is sold as a street food in the U.S.

Author — MrSmitheroons


Molly: * talking about eating healthy *
Me: * is eating rice crispies and airheads *

Author — Emma M_11:04


I used to work at a Taco Bell and everything is made when it's ordered. They pre fry the cinnamon twists, cinnabons, and nacho chips. But other than that everything is fresh. The crunchwrap supreme is called that because it has a crunchy tostada shell in the middle and it probably wasn't crunchy because it soaked up the cheese from sitting during the car ride home and the video preparation before the tasting. Love this video! I sort of wish it was more of a mukbang with both of you just going in! Lol

Author — Ashley Hargis


"that 12 pack, man, that would be dangerous" facts Molly 😂😅 they used to have a 4 pack, miss it!

Author — Gabby V


Mesa: "I would order 3 - 12 packs..."

Author — AmyBHaddock


The pink paste was the "meat" for mc Donalds chicken nuggets

Author — Tinks_ Workshop